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"A Well Respected Man" is the fourth episode of Season One of Defiance and the fourth episode overall. It originally aired on May 6, 2013 on Syfy.


Overview (No Spoilers)

Kenya is kidnapped, while Rafe gets closer to the truth about his son's death.

Detailed Description (Major Spoilers)

The streets of Defiance are bustling with people and business stalls. Children are playing an alien version of hopscotch with hexagons clustered in a large circle. Flies are buzzing around a butcher cutting up what appears to be a rabbit. Two dogs sniff around a sign for Knowl's trading shop. Two castithan men are driving slowly through in a long classic car from the 60's, which appears to be a convertible, as it has had its hard top roof sawed off and removed. A green cardboard pine tree airfreshener dangles from the rear-view mirror. A human man walks to the side of the car as it passes and presses script into the hand of the castithan in the passenger seat, before palming the blue glass vial that the castithan holds out. A castithan holding his arm and looking like he is suffering from drug addiction approaches the driver, muttering something he holds out his empty hand, but he is abruptly waved away. The driver  asks the passenger if he would like to get a couple of bowls of pow after this, as he has been smelling it since they got there. The passenger has just responded that he could eat, when their car must stop behind a roller stopped in the road.

The driver beeps the horn, while the passenger sticks his head out the window and yells at the human leaning into the roller to move that junk-heap. The human straightens and rushes toward them. It is Lawkeeper Nolan who pulls his gun out of the rag he is holding. The driver frantically tries to put the car in reverse, but deputies Irisa and Tommy Lasalle with weapons drawn come in from the sides, and they are surrounded.

Irisa is cutting open the backseat with one of her blades, when the men ask Nolan if he knows who they work for. Nolan responds that he does and that their boss had left a dead body on his dorrstep. Tommy prods the two handcuffed men with his rifle to the back of the car, where Nolan is opening the trunk. Under the scattered litter, blankets, and wood panels, he finds stacks of money and an assortment of weaponry. He tells the men to inform Datak that he is going to take him apart a piece at a time. He picks up a bundle of money and strikes the hood of the trunk with it as he tells them that he will use Datak's money to pay off every snitch in town willing to give him information about Datak's operations. It will be the Datak Tarr retirement fund.

In the mayor's office of the Darby Building, the city council is meeting. Rafe McCawley is adamant that the town needs the mag-lev spur (a magnetic levitatation train rail line connecting them to the railway system), but Mayor Amanda Rosewater counters that it is not worth it if it means they have to take a loan from the Earth Republic. She tries to warn of the danger of letting them "get their foot in the door", but Rafe, to whom the spur is a priority for gulanite transport, responds that he would "rub that foot with scented oils". He goes on to tell the chuckling council members that running the town is not cheap and access to a high speed rail puts money into the town's treasury. Council members Bailey and Lambert agree that it is a win-win situation. Rafe says that Amanda is new on the job and should let the older, wiser heads take point on this. Amanda agrees only to the point that they are older. Castithan council member Ozin asks if he has a motion to take this to a vote, which is given by Bailey and seconded by Lambert. At this point a disturbance is heard in the outer office, and Datak Tarr can be heard saying that he needs to see them and it cannot wait.

Datak rushes in through the door, to the disgust of Rafe. Bailey asks him what he wants. A human woman is seen at the door, obviously the one who had told Datak not to interrupt the meeting; she closes the door after him. Datak formally acknowledges the ladies and gentlemen of the town council and gives a curt bow to Amanda whom he addresses as Madamn Mayor. When she tells him that they are in a meeting, he informs her that the arms deal with the Votanis Collective is off. There are groans from the council, an indignant Rafe rises and demands to know if this is a shakedown, and Bailey points out that Datak had made assurances to the council. Datak explains that those assurances assumed a base level of discretion. The Votanis Collective is a global power, and they can't be seen selling arms to an unaffiliated town. Amanda is surprised (she knows nothing about any arms deal). Datak goes on to say that their new Lawkeeper Nolan had intercepted a delivery of Vo-tech rifles, with the intention of sending Datak a message concerning the unfortunate death of that poor fellow Elah Bandik. He illustrates with a slash across the throat. However, Nolan's rash behavior has spooked Datak's suppliers in the collective, and thus the town will receive no further shipments and their sizeable deposit is forfeit (one must wonder if Datak had a hand in this). Bailey is incensed saying, 'son of a bitch", and Amanda rises and, taking Rafe by the arm, pulls him aside. She questions him about the fact that they have not only been making deals with gun smugglers, but they didn't think to inform her. Rafe explains that with the stasis-nets destroyed the town's a sitting duck for Spirit Riders, raiders, and anything else that wanders through the Bissell pass and the council made a deal with Datak to quietly bring in heavy ordinance for insurance. Also the operation was need to know and quite frankly she didn't. When Amanda counters that she is the mayor, Rafe points out that she is only the appointed mayor, and the next election's just around the corner. Rafe suggests that if she wants to keep that chair that she inherited, she better have a word or two with their friend Nolan, to make sure that he is rowing in the same direction as everybody else.

Later, as Amanda is walking through the town streets, she is overtaken by a woman, as she takes a shortcut through an alley. Calling to her, the woman says that she hates to bother her, but asks if she may have a word with her. However, when Amanda tells her that she is running late, the woman grabs her by the arm and insists that she is gonna listen to this. The Angry Woman informs Amanda that her sister, Kenya Rosewater, is destroying her family. The woman acknowledges that she believes Kenya is sleeping with her husband Rupert, who has been paying her for her prostitution services. She says that he told her at first that he was going to the NeedWant for just one drink after work, "to take the edge off after the mines". Then before she knew it, one drink turned into two drinks, and then he is creeping in before dawn. She describes her Rupert as a good man, but when she refers to Kenya as Amanda's pig of a sister and a disgusting slut who has no right, Amanda slaps her across the face. The woman lets out a yelp of pain holding her hand to her cheek, and there are gasps from the various passers-by and customers at the nearby market stalls. Amanda herself seems shocked at what she has done, but steadying herself she tells the woman that Kenya runs a legitimate business, and if Rupert chooses to go there that's on him. Shocked and backing away from Amanda, the woman tells her that she is as bad as her sister, and as a parting shot before walking away says, "Your mother must be so proud". A shaken Amanda turns from the confrontation to find herself being gaped at by three small children standing only a few feet away.

Looking at them, Amanda suddenly has a memory of herself and Kenya as children. Teen Amanda pulls the arm of the much younger Kenya who is refusing to come with her, because she can't tell her what to do. The sounds of near-by shouts and gunfire can be heard, but Kenya continues to resist and repeatedly asks where Mom is. Amanda remembers how she and her mother checked over the bodies of a transport of dead soldiers. She holds a medallion pendant and hears herself saying, "Mom was so brave, she said to give you this." Putting the medallion around the neck of a weeping Kenya, Amanda tells her that it is St. Finnegan, the patron saint of lost children. She flashes back to the transport, where she yelled "get down" to her mother, before they ducked and covered their heads, as a whistling bomb landed near them rocking the transport and raising a dust cloud. To the protesting Kenya's repeated questioning of where their mother is, Amanda angrily tells her that Mom is dead. Putting these thoughts aside, Amanda then continues on her way.

Night falls, and on the second floor of the NeedWant bar and brothel, Kenya and Nolan are in bed in her room. They have had an active night, and Nolan says that he can't anymore and needs a grace period, but Kenya straddling a prone Nolan responds that she has faith and believes in him, as she is a creature of infinite optimism. As she moves down on the bed, Nolan lets out a groan and rolls over on top of her. To his comment that she is going to kill him, she smilingly answers that eventually somebody was bound to. Nolan chuckles and kisses her, but then pulls away firmly telling her that his dinner break is over. Sitting up to get his clothes, he says that he has to get back to work so he can earn a living wage to pay for these little sessions. Sitting up, Kenya flips her hair forward and tells him to keep his jaja, as she doesn't want his money. When he comes and sees her, she doesn't want it to be financial. She explains that he is fun and she is fun and they should be fun together and should see how that goes. Nolan thanks her for the compliment calling him fun and agrees, but, when he starts to ask what their relationship now is, Kenya playfully slaps him on the shoulder and refuses the use of labels. She hits him with a pillow and laughs as he tackles her back down on the bed.

Downstairs, Liberata bartender Jered is filling in a paint-by-numbers outline of a tabby cat, but he is using blue paint. Amanda comes up to him and explains that she is there looking for the lawkeeper. Scanning the room, she starts to tell him that his deputy said that he was here, when Jered interrupts to tell her that Nolan is upstairs in room 106. Amanda voices surprise hearing that room number. Behind her Rupert is standing talking to a dark-skinned woman in a transparent black dress. Upstairs Amanda opens the door marked 106 to find a shirtless Nolan standing in the middle of the blue and pink wallpapered room, next to the large round white bed with pink gauze curtains, fastening the belt of his pants. After a moment of stunned silence, she asks him what the hell he is doing in her sister's room. When Nolan just smiles, Amanda crosses her arms, looks down, and cancells her question by saying that she knows what he has been doing in here. However, Nolan remarks that he is pretty sure if she had known what they were doing in here, she would have knocked. Realizing that she is staring at his chest, he points out to her that his eyes are up here. She is not in the mood for jokes, and turns to the reason she was looking for him, asking him what possessed him to mess with Datak. While Nolan is removing the silver duct tape from around his wrists, he explains that he had information that Datak was receiving illegal weapons, but apart from that it was just for kicks. When he asks her why she is giving him attitude about it, Amanda explains that the town was secretly purchasing weapons from the Votanis Collective and Datak was brokering the deal. Nolan correctly understands that they were trying to build an armory, but tells her that there are far safer ways to score firepower. She tells him, as he is putting on his shirt, that his interference spooked the V.C. and now they are left defenceless. Walking up to her and looking her in the eye, Nolan asks how this is his fault. When Amanda tells him that he should have come to her and told her what he was planning to do, he counters that she should have done the same. Amanda stubbornly says that the operation was need-to-know (without informing him that she hadn't been told either). The shower in the other room is heard going off and a moment later a nearly naked Kenya emerges voicing surprise and asking what Amanda is doing. As she puts on a bra, Kenya tells Amanda that she can't just come in here and yell at her friend. Amanda asks if by that she means customer. While Nolan fastens her bra, Kenya describes Amanda as just dripping with judgement. Amanda finds it surprising that Kenya even knows the meaning of the word "judgement", seeing as she doesn't actually have any, before she turns and walks out. Dressed only in black lace underwear, Kenya grabs a patterned silk robe and follows her out of the room.

Neglecting to close the robe, Kenya catches up with Amanda on the stairs. The stairs leading to the second floor and its metal bar guardrail are supported by chains anchoring it to the ceiling. When Kenya asks Amanda the meaning of the scene that just took place upstairs, Amanda turns and stridently asks her if she has to sleep with married men. Taken aback for a moment by the sudden shift in the conversation, Kenya replies that yes sometimes it is part of the job and she does. Amanda explains that Rupert Mirch's wife accosted her on the street and wanted to know if their mother was proud. Kenya scoffs at this and says that Amanda should have told her how their mother had died, as that ought to shut her up. Amanda tells Kenya that she is missing the point, as Amanda had to raise Kenya after their mother died, the woman's comments were insulting to Amanda herself. Amanda says that she has tried to deal with the fact that Kenya chooses to be a prostitute, but Kenya doesn't want to start with that again, and she points out that the people here in the NeedWant are happy. Amanda voices her wishes for having wanted a better life for Kenya and how she doesn't enjoy seeing her lawkeeper paying her for sex. Kenya smarmly calls that so "old world", and she goes on to say that after Mom died she raised herself; Amanda never raised her and is not her parent. She forcefully tells Amanda not to flatter herself. A stern Amanda curtly says fine and walks away.

While she remains on the stairs, angry female human miner Gail comes down and accuses her of running a gyp joint.She explains that she had 200 scrip in the pouch that she holds out, and as nobody else was in the room, her girl must have taken it. She points out Tirra who lounges in an alcove on a couch, being embraced by a man while she smokes on a water pipe. Amanda asks Tirra to please come here, which prompts Tirra into running out of the room. Gail moves to follow, but Kenya stops her saying that she will take care of it. Her calls for Tirra to stop being ignored, Kenya runs after her and out into the streets.

Kenya has followed Tirra to a ragged tent villiage, made up of: tents, corrugated metal shacks, and brokendown trailers. Walking through, she hears Tirra in conversation with an unseen person who is refusing her. Tirra is speaking to bio-man Ulysses, she calls him handsome and says that she has scrip, but Ulysses says that he can't sell her what he hasn't got. Hurting for drugs, Tirra smiles and tells him that she knows all kinds of tricks, including the Irathient Swirl and can show him a good time. Just then, Kenya arrives and pullls her away. Tirra tries to say that she is sorry, but Kenya orders her to go back to the NeedWant and pack her shtako. Despite Tirra's pleas that she needs this job, Kenya says that she should have kicked her to the streets the last time this happened. Ulysses has been leaning against the back of a white icecream truck, and now faint noises can be heard coming for inside. He moves away from the truck and toward the two arguing women, as if to draw their attention away from it. After Kenya pries the scrip from Tirra's clenched fist, she turns on Ulysses and tells him that if she ever catches him selling to her people, she is going to have her lawkeeper trip his off switch, again.

At this point, the rear door of the white truck bursts open and a shocked Kenya and Tirra watch as an exasperated Ulysses moves to confront the ragged and decrepit people who are inside bound and gagged. One of the people, the one closest to the door who probably got it open is an old soldier, still wearing his military beret. Ulysses orders and pushes them back as they try to exit. In response to their muffled screams, he calls them idiots and tells them to stop making noise. Coming to her senses first, Kenya grabs Tirra and pulls, rushing her to quickly run away, but to just keep quiet while doing so. Ulysses has gotten the door closed and realizes that the women have run off. He goes after them, while those inside the truck continue to pound on the doors. Running through mud while Kenya pulls her around the tents, Tirra falls and hurts her ankle. She cries out and groans, despite Kenya's efforts to quietly shush her. Crouching next to the fallen and whimpering Tirra, Kenya pulls out her hailer and attempts to use it, but she drops it as Ulysses finds them. She scrambles away from him on the ground, then stops to pull out a switch blade. He is rather amused at her old school choice of weapons. When her slashes to his chest have no effect, she attempts to stab him. He grabs her arm with his left hand, as he throttles her with his right. In the struggle, the chain of her medallion breaks and it falls to the ground. Dropping the unconscious Kenya, Ulysses then turns to grab the screaming Tirra.

Walking through the tunnels of the McCawley mines, Quentin McCawley greets two passing miners, as he heads for a particular mine shaft. However, when he arrives there it is to find a blue energy barrier stretched across the opening. He double checks some papers on his clipboard and then looks back at the barrier with a disgruntled look on his face. Going back to the main tunnel, Quentin walks up to Rupert who is working at a table spread with maps and asks him why they would close the I-7. When Rupert replies that he was just following orders, Quentin points out that was his brother Luke's vein and it's staying open. When Quentin announces his intention to work it himself, and instructs Rupert to tell that to the person who gave the order, Rafe walks up and identifies himself as the one who gave the order. When Quentin points out that his father had told him that he could take on I-7, Rafe says that it is unstable and thus a safety issue, but he will put Quentin on one of the nines instead. Quentin reminds his father that he has read the hazard report, just as he reads and interprets all the reports and that he can handle it. But Rafe questions this, sarcastically asking if he majored in Geology, and repeats that he has deemed I-7 as too dangerous and will find him something else. Quentin however is insulted, seeing this as his father thinking him not good enough. He says that, with Luke gone, he thought his place in the family would change. He never had an ego and never cared about not being the favorite, or the second favorite, or the least favorite, but this is different. When Rafe points out that they were getting way too dramatic, Quentin blows up and tells his father to "at least grow some balls and admit the truth. You don't trust me". Turning and throwing his helmet against the wall, Quentin stalks away from a saddened Rafe who is stunned by this outburst. Rafe then turns to a shocked Rupert who had witnessed the entire exchange and tells him that if he says anything about this, he will drop his body down a mine shaft. When asked if that is clear, Rupert replies,"Yes sir, Mr. McCawley. Very Clear." Rafe then turns and walks away.

The Need Want is busy that night, as Nolan walks up to the bar and calls Jered over. The first thing Jered does is to ask him if he has seen Kenya, but Nolan responds that he hasn't since his dinner break. When a concerned Jered tells him that she has been gone for hours and has missed two appointments, Nolan insists that he tell him everything.

Nolan and Amanda are walking through Defiance, while Amanda asks what Kenya could have been thinking coming out here alone, as Nehi Street is bad enough in the daylight. Nolan voices the opinion that Kenya is tough and can take care of herself, but Amanda accuses him of not knowing who and what she really is which is fragile. However, Amanda then apologizes and agrees that of course Kenya is tough. Amanda admits that she is just really worried about her, and she doesn't know what she is saying. Nolan understands. He has pulled out his hailer to try and call Kenya and is getting activity on her hailer. He sends a pulse through and down the street a scruffy looking kid tries to stop a hailer from giving off a chirping signal by smothering it in his hands. Amanda spots him and points him out to Nolan who chases him through the tent city and into an alley. When he tries to scramble up a ladder, Nolan grabs him and lifts him off. He holds the squirming child against the wall, and Amanda sees that he has Kenya's medallion necklace wrapped around  the fastener of his jacket. Nolan harshly asks him where he got it, but the kid only responds to call him a pig. Nolan calls him a tough guy and threatens to tie him to the back of his roller and drag him around The Badlands until he answers Nolan's questions. After Amanda assures the kid that no one is going to hurt him, she asks his name, but only gets alien curses. Amanda tells him that the necklace was very important to her sister as her mom gave it to her when she was very little, and she would never just let it go unless something bad happened.The kid demands 20 scrip for the necklace, and Nolan seems a bit disgusted by the juvenile extortionist, while Amanda pays him. The kid again tries to run off, but Nolan catches him and demands that he speak. The kid finally admits to seeing the bio-man take the two girls. He explains that the bio-man comes at night and takes people to make the "blue devil". Nolan looks over at Amanda in alarm, and then, imparting great urgency to the question, asks the kid where the bio-man took them. However the kid has told him everything he knows, and he asks if he can keep the hailer. Nolan, not having time to deal with this, tells him to go.

As he hurries Amanda away, Nolan remarks that he has only seen one bio-man in Defiance, and he works for Datak Tarr. When Amanda wants to know what the blue devil is, Nolan asks her if she has ever heard of Adreno. Nolan explains that it is a synthetic neurotransmitter enhancer, which during the war was used on soldiers to enhance physical performance, and it is a bad drug. When Amanda asks what this has to do with Kenya, Nolan goes on to explain that when the EMC ran out of the synthetic stuff an enterprising chemist came up with a formula using actual adrenal fluids. They would use prisoners, scaring them to death and draining them dry. When Amanda tries to ask Nolan if his unit ever used it, he side steps the question and says that they should focus on Kenya. If she is being drained, then she only has about ten hours.

The wreckage of spacecrafts and something named the Sky Regent litter the badlands. The white ice cream truck with its music playing drives into what appears to be an old aircraft carrier. People of all races are laying or crawling about in cages only 2 feet tall. The bio-man has stopped the truck and opened the back doors. He carries Tirra over his shoulder and Kenya under his arm over to his partner Miko. He drops Kenya at the man's feet assuring him that they aren't dead yet. When Meeko crouches, pulls the hair out of her face, and realizes who she is, he sarcastically calls this just perfect and tells Ulysses that he is going to kill him. Ulysses tells Meeko not to say things like that, as it hurts his feelings. Meeko reminds Ulysses that he was not supposed to just pick-up people, he was told to take slam heads and stim junkies who no one would miss or come looking for. This doesn't happen to include the mayor's gods be damned sister. Ulysses tries to explain that they saw his load, but Meeko can only think about how everyone will come after them now. Ulysses genuinely ashamed drops Tirra on the floor and tries to apologize, but Meeko tells him to let him think. He injects himself under his jaw with a device which holds a small blue vial and sits on the back of the icecream truck to gather his thoughts, ignoring the moans of people all around him. He tells Ulysses that they are going to process this last batch, and they are going to sell it for travelling money. When he tells Ulysses that they are going to head south, Ulysses after a moment of concentration agrees that just the two of them on their own would be nice. Meeko, pointing to the women on the floor, asks Ulysses to help him prep these two for the maze.

Kenya appears scared. She is thinking of the same childhood memories that Amanda had thought of: Amanda giving her the necklace,  pulling her through the war-torn city streets, and telling her to run. Now it is Kenya telling Tirra to run as they scramble through passageways and over obstacles in the ship which is turned on its side. Tirra wants to know where they are, but Kenya doesn't know. Looking about they are trying to figure out where they are, when they suddenly stop, as they hear a creature growling and heavy footsteps on the metal grating over their heads. When she sees the armed Volge warrior pass, Kenya pulls the yelping Tirra away.

Nolan pounds on Datak Tarr's door in the middle of the night. A sleepy Alak answers and yells back into the house in castithan that it is the lady mayor and the lawkeeper. When an irritable Datak comes out in a robe saying that it better be important, Nolan grabs him by the lapels, pulls him from the house, and asks him where she is.  Amanda calls for Nolan to stop, and Alak grabs Nolan calling for him to let go of his father. Datak tell Alak to do what Nolan says, when he tells Alak to let go of him. When Nolan finally does let go of him, Datak expresses the opinion that McCawley was right when he said that this lawkeeper was completely beyond the mayor's control. An anxious Stahma runs from the house, and Datak waves her back and proceeds to walk in a large circle around Nolan. Addressing Nolan, he assumes that the "she" he is referring to is the lovely Kenya Rosewater. He tells Amanda that the two of them have been bumbling around the hollows all night asking after her, and he had been informed hours ago. From the fact that a witness saw a bio-man take her, Datak infers that they have come to him because he employs Ulysses, as in guilt by association. But Datak, as he has arrived back in front of the door to take Stahma's hand, assures them that if Ulysses misbehaved it was without his knowledge. Nolan doesn't believe him, thinking that this is payback (for the seized arms shipment).  However, Datak points out that it's not really his style, as opposed to if they had found Kenya with her throat cut on somebody's doorstep. Datak feigning innocence asks if he said something wrong, as an angry Nolan again moves toward him. Stahma, standing between Nolan and Datak, pulls at him, trying to stop him from saying something to make this worse. Datak smugly tells them that when he chooses to make a statement, he rarely leaves it unsigned. This is hubris, pure and simple. A personal flaw, but he remarks that his wife seems to like it. Stahma seems flustered by events and is not sure how to react to that. Amanda takes Datak's arm to pull him aside. She says that they have a shared interest in getting Kenya back safely. Datak wonders how exactly that would benefit him. Amanda points out his financial support of the armistice celebration and his (after searching for the right word)  heroism against the Volge, and she remarks that people in this town have noticed. Everyone knows that Ulysses is his man, and if they see him acting without Datak's approval, it could threaten everything he has done to elevate his status in the community. Datak is pleased to hear that his recent efforts are appreciated. Amanda implores him for both of their sakes to help her find Kenya. Datak seems to be considering this, as he tells Stahma to take Alak back inside and prepare some erino. He looks down at Amanda's hand as she again grabs his sleeve and pleads with him through her tears to please help, as she needs to have her back safe. Datak had seemed moved, but when he speaks it is to say that her people look at him and see a wild dog, a fierce unpredictable beast. Occasionally useful when they need to smuggle illegal weapons or find a missing person, but best kept on a short chain, being known to bite. He tells her that if she had truly saw him as a citizen, she wouldn't have brought this blunt instrument (indicating Nolan) to yank him from his sleep and lay hands on him in  front of his family. Datak says with venom in his voice and practically spitting in her face that Amanda thinks she is better than him and lacks respect. And that is why he will not help her find her sister. As Datak goes and firmly shuts his front doors, he leaves Amanda in front of his house shattered and weeping. Nolan goes to her and tries to put his arms around her to comfort her, but she beats her hands against his chest and pushes him away. As he watches her walk away, Nolan looks as if he wishes he had handled things differently.

Amanda is still crying, but as she stops walking she hears footsteps approaching behind her. She turns angrily telling Nolan that she just needs a minute, but she finds herself facing Stahma Tarr instead. With a bow of her head, Stahma asks if they can find somewhere to talk. They are standing in the street outside the Darby Building for this conversation. Looking around nervously, Stahma asks if she has ever told Amanda how fond she is of her sister. Amanda is unaware that Stahma even knew her, but Stahma goes on to say that her husband is no stranger to the girls of the Needwant. She remarks that castithan men are insatiable. She informs an unaware Amanda that Kenya likes to refer to her prostitutes as "night porters". Stahma thinks it a lovely name which reflects the pride that Kenya takes in her work. While some of the lesser night porters avoid eye contact when they pass Stahma on the street, Kenya (who a smiling Stahma describes as the dear thing) throws her arms around her and squeezes her so tight that she can barely breathe. She whispers in her ear, "Your husband is so wonderful. Thank you so much for agreeing to share him." Amanda is stunned, but Stahma goes on to say that Kenya has a rare gift for knowing exactly what people need.  And this is why she wants to help her. In answer to how, Stahma says that Amanda's Nolan is a hothead, but so is her Datak. All Datak wants is the respect he deserves. If Amanda gives him that, then Kenya is as good as rescued. Beginning to understand the direction this is taking, Amanda asks in what precise form does Stahma see this "respect" taking. Stahma offhandly remarks that it was so painful to lose Bel Jarret in the volge attack. When Amanda replies that he was very brave, Stahma says that she can't even imagine how hard it must be to know that she must appoint someone else to take over his seat on the town council, but with so much important work to be done it can't stay vacant for long. Amanda is incredulous that she is being so very politely blackmailed, and she states outright that Stahma wants her to appoint Datak to the town council. Stahma is pleased that she understands. She says that they must heal and move forward. Stahma says to let her know what she decides,  that her sister is a very special young woman, and that she is rooting for her.

As Kenya and Tirra continue to run through the ship, they climb over the walls that have become obstacles now that the ship is on its side. Kenya says that they have to hide. A breathless Tirra can barely keep up, and, as she stops, Kenya finds the panel of an airvent. Together they are able to push it open and climb inside. The heavy footsteps of the Volge and its growling can be heard coming down the passageway toward them. Looking through an opening in the airvent, Kenya sees the reptilian like creature pass. Tirra seeing it as well frightenly whispers that it is a volge and is going to kill them. When shushing her doesn't work, Kenya puts her hand over Tirra's mouth, but the volge has heard them and the footsteps come back. A red eyeball stares at then from outside the airvent and the wall begins to shake.

The next morning while walking on the streets of Defiance, Nolan is telling Datak who wears his dark sunglasses that he knows that he hasn't agreed to help them out of decency, and he asks what deal did he do with the mayor. Datak tells him that it is not his concern. His job is to find Amanda's sister and he had failed. This was because lawkeeping isn't thumping heads, it is building relationships and understanding who the people in this community are, what they want, and how they are connected. He points out as an example Dub Larkin over at the butcher stand. He always has his wife or daughter with him, as they keep him off the slam. He points out Hanya Uritso, a castithan woman with three small children at the rug seller's stall. Datak tells Nolan that she has no intention of buying a rug, but she is there everyday, as the rug peddler is the father of her youngest. Her husband has no idea and this is the only way that the peddler can see his child. Datak compares the hollows to a rug with its pattern of interwoven threads. And if you know how they stitch together, you can find out anything you wanna know. Knowledge is power. Datak says that in the case of his bio-man, it is the knowledge that he fancies castithans, which Datak finds understandable. As he leads Nolan to a silver car trailer decorated in Christmas lights with plastic santas and a large Santa head on the side, he tells him that the latest object of Ulysses' affections holes up here. Datak's sensoth employee Raiga stands outside the door, and he gives a growl as Nolan drawing his gun walks through the door. The inside is also decorated with santas and garlands. The stocky, unattractive, and roughed up castithan man inside pulls away from him, but Nolan tells him not to be stupid. Datak comes over pulling him back into the main room, introducing him to Nolan as the increasingly anxious Mr. Skevur, and throwing him down on the couch. Datak tells the  castithan who is in some pain that Lawkeeper Nolan has some questions for him about his good friend Ulysses, before he tells Nolan that the man is all his. In castithan Skevur defiantly says to Nolan that he is not telling him anything. Nolan points out to Datak that the man talks tough, but that you can see from his eyes that he is terrified. However, Nolan finds it funny that the man is not looking at him;  he is looking at Datak even though Nolan is the one with the gun. Pulling down the front of Skevur's shirt reaveals a cut that Nolan describes as looking nasty. From all this, Nolan deduces that Datak's men got here before Nolan had, and they had impressed on Skevur the importance of not cooperating with him. Skevur looks to Datak, and Datak then looks over at Raiga in the open doorway, who can only shrug. Nolan goes on to say that he was then supposed to beat on Skevur fruitlessly for awhile, until Datak swooped in, whispered in his ear, and all of the sudden the information would start to flow. So, Nolan would look like a big dumb ape, while Datak would get to look like a hero. To Nolan's question of how close he was, Datak replies close enough, but for the record he had no intention of whispering in this disgusting man's ear. As Datak pushes up his sunglasses and starts to go, Skevur asks if he can now tell Nolan what he knows, but Datak says that he doesn't care what he does. Relieved that he doesn't have to go through another beating Skevur thanks Rayetso. He then tells Nolan that he helped Ulysses set up a lab in a downed stratocarrier about 30 clicks beyond the pass, and that's where Nolan will find her.

Quentin is walking out the front door of the MacCawley house, when Rafe asks if he is going somewhere. Quentin says that he wants out; out of everything: the mine, his relationship with his father, all of it, and that he is done. After a pause, Rafe tells Quentin that he is not Luke, and never will be Luke. Quentin seems to be about to cry when he says that he knows that, but Rafe goes on to say that there is a spot in his heart that is all Luke's. It is right next to the one for Quentin's sister, mother, and Quentin himself. Rafe says that he loves exactly who Quentin is, and if he terraformed this entire mudball all over again, nothing would change that. Rafe says that he respects Quentin's professionalism and admires his ambition. And he says with a chuckle that knows that if he gave I-7 to him, he could kick its ass.  Quentin has slowly walked into Rafe's study and now asks him why then did he shut I-7 down. Rafe explains that not everything is about Quentin, and that Quentin had been right that Luke had been hiding something. When Rafe picks up what is under his hand on the desk he holds the woven gold Kaziri artifact. He tells Quentin that there are things that he can't explain at the bottom of the I-7 shaft, which was were Luke had found this. Quentin seems absorbed by the object and slowly walks over and takes it from him, asking what it is. Rafe says that he is damned if he knows, but he thinks that Luke was killed because if it.

Tirra and Kenya are sitting in the silent, dark airvent holding on to each other. Tirra trying to hold back tears asks what the volge is waiting for, as it knows they are here. Kenya tells her not to be scared, as Defiance beat an entire army of those things, but Tirra reminds her that 41 people died. The wall begins to shake again and a terrified Tirra feels along the airvent for a way to get out that doesn't exist, before coming back to cry in Kenya's arms. Kenya remembers again how Amanda had given her the necklace from their mother, St. Finnegan the patron saint of lost children. Reaching down to the neckalace she wears, Kenya tells Tirra that she wants her to hold it as it will help her to be very brave. Tirra says okay and clutches it while Kenya holds her. Suddenly Kenya remembers that she had lost her necklace in the tent village when Ulysses had throttled her and the chain had broken. And she hears Meeko's voice in her head telling Ulysses to help him prep these two for the maze. Taking the medallion from Tirra and looking at it, she realizes that none of this is real, and gasping she wakes up. She is in a lab laying face down on a dirty and blood stained cot, with a padded metal brace around her head. A record player is playing a Burl Ives song about a royal telephone. She works her hand free from the rubber tubing with which it is tied to the bed frame. After she pulls the brace off of her hed, she is able to look up in time to see Meeko across the room giving himself another injection of adreno. Muffling her cries of pain, Kenya pulls the long needle extracting her adrenal fluid out of the back of her head. As she forces herself up on shaky arms, Tirra can be seen on the next cot. As quietly as she can, Kenya gets up and grabs a large beaker of liquid (possibly adreno) off of a cabinet and walks up behind Meeko. At the last minute Meeko turns, and Kenya backhands him with the glass beaker to the side of the head. When Meeko rises there is a piece of glass sticking out of his neck, and when he pulls it out his jugular vein begins squirting blood. Looking at the glass shard his last words are that he is gonna kill Ulysses, and then he collapses. Kenya runs to the other cot and wakes up Tirra, pulls out the needle, and tells her that it is ok. But then Ulysses comes in and realizes that they have killed Meeko. He angrily asks why they did this to him and threatens that they are going to pay for this.  When he walks toward them, there are multiple gunshots and, as he falls, Amanda, Nolan, and Irisa are revealed to be the ones who shot him. Kenya seems to be a bit in shock, but when Nolan comes forward and asks if she is ok, she runs into his arms.

At the NeedWant a lowflying flock of bat -like creatures fly by. Inside it is packed with people, Jered is serving drinks and Tirra is being friendly with the customers. Kenya asks Tirra to come with her to one of the tables. She says that she has a gift for her, and she hands her the medallion which she explains is St. Finnegan who watches over lost children. Holding the medallion in her hand, Tirra tells Kenya that there is no such saint as Finnegan, that is St. Christopher. Leaving the medallion on the table and walking away, Tirra explains that she grew up with nuns, but "thanks, anyway". She leaves Kenya looking a bit lost.

Amanda is in her office doing paperwork when the medallion lands on the desk in front of her. Kenya comes to stand by the desk, crosses her arms, and stoically asks who St. Finnegan is. Amanda doesn't know what to say. Kenya then asks her how their mother died and wants to know the truth. With difficulty, Amanda begins by saying that she is not sure. Amanda remembers herself again as a teenager with her mother. They are scavenging on a transport filled will dead soldiers. Explosions are getting closer, but her mother says that the bombs are still landing in mid-town, and Amanda needs to keep working. They are going through the pockets and packs of the dead. Her mother is complaining that damned scavengers have picked it clean, but when Amanda points out that they are scavenging themselves now, her mother tells her not to be smart. She explains that they are just trying to put food on the table for her and her sister, and its different. There is distant gunfire, as they are searching the body of a soldier with burns on his face whose uniforn identifies him as Finnegan. In his hand Amanda finds the St. Christopher medal. When she hears the whistling of the approaching bomb, Amanda ducks and yells for her mother to get down. The bomb lands very near. Her mother recognizes this as mortars and knows that the enemy has crossed Houston. She tells Amanda that they have to get to the river. Amanda points out that Kenya is back there, but her mother says that there is half a squad between them. Her mother says that Kenya is smart and she'll go to the river too, but Amanda says no she won't and that they can't leave her. Her mother says that they are not going to die here, and she orders Amanda to come with her, but Amanda refuses to get down from the transport. Her mother is emphatically ordering her to get her ass down here, when another close explosion knocks her off of her feet. Too frightened to wait any longer, her mother, looking as if ready to burst into tears, says that Amanda knows where she will be and she turns and runs away. Amanda looks at the medallion and sobs.

Kenya, a very small child holds her teddy bear by one foot, while she plays hopscotch in a lot filled with garbage. Amanda is calling to Kenya and finally finds her. When she reminds Kenya that she was told to stay inside, Kenya pulls her arm away and tells Amanda that she can't tell her what to do. When she asks where Mom is, Amanda just tells her to come on, as they are coming. Kenya is asking why Amanda is crying when  bombs start landing near-by. When Kenya screams "Where's Mom?", Amanda loudly replies that their mom's dead. She put the medal around the neck of a subdued and weeping Kenya and tells her that their mom was so brave and she had told Amanda to give Kenya this, and it was St. Finnegan, patron saint of lost children.

In the mayor's office in Defiance, Kenya finally understands that it was Amanda who cared enough to come back for her, when their mother didn't. Kenya is humbled by the fact that all those years she had given her shtako, Amanda could have hit back with this at any time and shut Kenya down, but she never had.  When asked why she didn't, Amanda can only reply that it was because Kenya was her sister. They embrace.

(Scarlet Town by Bob Dylan is playing) The energy barrier at the opening of the I-7 is turned off, and Rafe and Quentin enter the mine shaft. They must crouch down to walk through the narrow and boulder shrewn passageway. They come to a larger chamber where they find bones, old lanterns,  and a pack of mining supplies. Inside a tin canister, Quentin finds an antique pair of spectacles. The back wall of the shaft is covered with strange glyphs. The central figure of these glyphs is a figure which holds what can only be the gold artifact in its right hand and a matching silver one in its left.

In the mayor's office the town council is gathered around the table. Amanda enters the room announcing that she would like to introduce their newest town council member, Mr. Datak Tarr. Datak, looking very pleased with himself, wishes everyone good evening. Fellow castithan Ozin stands to greet him and in castithan style they touch the backs of their right arms together, with palms facing away, and then pull their arms back until the backs of their hands are touching. Bailey looks at him in suspicion and turns away as he goes to offer his hand. Putting his hands together, Datak says that it is very nice to be here indeed. Lambert shakes his hand saying enchante to which Datak replies ca va.  Rafe not being present, the last counci member at the table an older black human man also clasps his hand. There at the table is the chair representing real power and legitimacy in this town, it is a common red swivel sitting behind a Florida tourist souvenir  mug. Nolan has been resting against the doorframe watching, but Datak approaches and closes the door leaving Nolan outside in the mayor's waiting room. Stahma sits in the waiting room doing what looks like macramé on a hand held frame. She pulls the threads through with crotchet needles attached to the tips of her fingers. Looking at her calm and reservedly waiting there for Datak to finish his meeting, Nolan has an epiphany. He tells her that he has had his eye on the wrong snake. He realizes now that she is the dangerous one. Raising her head to give Nolan a steady look, Stahma smiles and says that he is very sweet.

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