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An Ark Fall is world event similar to those of Rift and is essentially the "raid" feature within the game of Defiance.  There are a few different types of Ark Falls, and each one can have a slightly different end-boss.  The Ark Fall event will show on your primary map as a red icon within a red circle, the size of the circle and number of the icons is dependent upon the type of Ark Fall.  On both your mini-map and your HUD (Head Up Display) you should find the same icons that lead you to the nearest event in the area you're in.

They are all essentially "aftershocks" of the initial Arkfall event in 2030.  This event started the world on the path it is now, and initially caused the terraforming accident that has made Earth what it is in the game.

Types of Events[]

There are smaller, single Ark Falls where there will be one crystal with enemies spawning around it, loot and people needed are both minimal for these types of events.  There are larger, or major, Ark Fall events in which there will be several smaller events spread around an area - marked in a red circle on your map - that will lead to a larger event with a world-boss.  The small events within the major event work much like single Ark Falls and do not require large groups to complete.  However, the major event at the end of a string will require much more damage, implying more people, to complete within the time frame allotted.

Loot and Rewards[]

The loot system during the smaller events (even the ones that lead to the larger end-event) works pretty much like the killing and looting throughout the rest of the game.  Upon completing an entire major Ark Fall event, killing the "end-boss", you will see a final totals screen for kills/deaths/damage/etc. for the entire event, and you will receive loot directly into your inventory.  The loot can vary based on your level and several other circumstantial factors.

Basic Strategy (Not up to date with new Arks)[]


  1. Archers
  2. Chrysalis
  3. Warriors
  4. The Ark Fall Crystal
  5. Skitterlings

Major Crystals/Events[]

The overall strategy will greatly depend upon which world-boss you get for the event.  The basics, however, are all the same.  Focus on the primary target (the selected boss for the fight) until adds spawn.  At this point some of the group will need to drop and focus on adds.  For some of the fight the boss will go away temporarily and there will be stronger adds brought into the field.  Always take down the biggest threat first, then the biggest priority, then the smaller enemies.