Azumi Yoshida
Species Human
Gender Female
Relationships Denton Hodge, husband
Actor Syirin Said

There is something dangerous about Azumi Yoshida, CRO of Von Bach Industries. Her gracious attitude is clearly false and a product of her business practices and not her social considerations. But to call her disingenuous would be foolish for anyone hoping to get their hands on the most advanced and experimental weapons on Earth. She is a high-ranking officer of VBI and close colleague of the CEO, Karl von Bach.

Azumi is of Japanese descent, and was born without legs below her knees. she studied robotics at CMU where she met and married a professional triathlete named Denton Hodge. With the aid of her new husband, she designed the advanced leg prostheses that catapulted her into becoming a gold medal winning paralympian. Unfortunately, Denton passed away after a freak accident. Azumi was heart-broken and would forever create an emotional barrier.

While working for Dynamech, her beauty and intellect attracted the attention of Karl von Bach, and when he left to form his own company, recruited Azumi to head up his cybernetics division. Ms. Yoshida was promoted to Chief Recruiting Officer for VBI. Her most important duty is to contract freelance talent for field research and development. She is responsible for hiring the Ark Hunters for Von Bach’s Bay Area Expedition.

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