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Bailey is a minor character who follows Amanda Rosewater from job to job throughout all three seasons of the series.

Season 1[]

Throughout season 1, Bailey serves on the town council. She is on the council when it supports Datak Tarr’s initiative to smuggle weapons into the town from the Votanis Collective behind Amanda’s back, but is overall a strong supporter of Amanda’s. When Datak blackmails his way onto the council, she turns her head away from him, refusing to shake his hand.

Season 2[]

After the Earth Republic takes over Defiance and disbands the town council, Bailey continues to work with Amanda at the NeedWant, serving as a bartender.

Season 3[]

With Amanda reinstated as mayor, Bailey resumes her role in government. No longer serving as a town council member, she serves as an attaché to Amanda Rosewater, personally assisting Amanda in numerous tasks throughout the season.


  • In the alternate ending to season 3 where Amanda dies, Bailey gives a speech in Amanda’s honor and dedicates the new arch to her. [1] Although any dialog she spoke in this scene was removed and Irisa’s voice over is used instead, Bailey can be seen leading the crowd and speaking to them as they approach the arch.


  1. Defiance Prop Auction included note cue cards with this speech on them