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Lt. Bebe is an Indogene who works for Rahm Tak to help destroy Defiance and bring about a human genocide.

Season 3[]

Under Rahm Tak's orders, he disguises himself as a human named Christopher Beckman to infiltrate the town and befriend Joshua Nolan so that he can destroy the town's militia. The procedure to give him a human face is a painful, but simple one. He is stabbed with a large needle, causing the human skin to grow over his Indogene skin. This is a newer process than previous Indogenes underwent. It is quicker to transform and harder to detect.[1]

After Rahm Tak's soldiers kill a group of humans in the NeedWant, he introduces himself to Nolan as a human smuggler passing through Defiance who got caught up in the attack. He claims to want to help Nolan get justice against Rahm Tak for this attack.

He is stabbed to death by Irisa Nolan after he tries to kill her father, Joshua Nolan.


  • Lieutenant Bebe is a newer type of Indogene shapetaker than characters such as Nicolette Riordon and the woman who took on Kenya Rosewater's face. He's quicker to transform and harder to detect.
  • Actor Billy MacLellan watched the first two seasons of Defiance in five days before starting work on season 3 and had quickly become a fan of the show[2]