Ben Daris
Species Indogene
Gender Male
Health Deceased: pulled the trigger of Rafe's gun as it was aimed at Ben (himself).
Seen "Pilot"
"Down...Dead Men Go"
Actor Douglas Nyback

Known HistoryEdit

Ben, whose last name may have been "Daris," is known to have worked under the mayor's office for Amanda Rosewater, during the first three weeks that she was appointed.

Role in the Conspiracy for the Destruction of DefianceEdit

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Ben was forced by Mr. Birch to do his bidding in aiding of the destruction of Defiance, due to Mr. Birch threatening Ben's family's safety. Everything that he did, he did for his family, and his family alone. He feels a great regret for having to betray his mayor and good friend, Amanda, in order to save his family.
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