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The Space Station "Bravery" was a space station launched and operated by the former United Nations.

The last known Commander of the station was Gordon McClintlock who joined the stations crew in 2013.

Daring Rescue[]

During routine operations a Russian Cosmonaut Borovsky was unable to return after a spacewalk, and was rescued by Commander McClintlock. Both returned safely to the station


The station was supposedly destroyed in 2013, after suffering an accident. Several eyewitnesses report seeing an explosion.

After the destruction of the "Bravery" the crewmembers were treated as posthumous heros and a book was written about them entitled "The Bravery Nine". This book was later adopted into a movie.

The Real Fate of Station Bravery[]

The accidental destruction of the Bravery was the accepted outcome, and life moved on. Earths attention was shifted away from the tragedy with the arrival of the Votan in 2013.

In 2046 a piece of Ark wreakage fell near the town of Defiance, fomerly St. Louis. Inside a indogen created copy of Commander Gordon McClintlock was discovered. This changed everything.

This proved that the destruction of Space Station Bravery was caused by the Votan, and that the crew had been abducted by their scientists.

Political Fallout[]

The Earth Republic representative in Defiance, Connor Lang, pleaded with Mayor Rosewater to transfer the duplicate of Commander Gordon McClintlock to Earth Republic custody to prove that the Votans statements about them arriving to Earth and meeting humans there for the first time, in the open was a lie. Something the Earth Republic had suspected for a long time.

However, with the fake death of the duplicate of Commander Gordon McClintlock, and destruction of all other bodies this remains an unprovable rumour. And the station Bravery´s last contribution to Earth was not scientific advances or routes to peace, but instead merely more flames onto a fire already burning strong. Proof that in this new world, honesty is a luxury.