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"Broken Bough" is the 3rd episode of Season Three of Defiance and the 28th episode overall. It aired on June 19th, 2015 on Syfy.


Nolan and Irisa are rescued from their underground confinement by a mysterious force, just in time to discover that enemy forces are marching on the town.

Syfy's Fun Facts[1][]

  • "The Net Cutter wasn't really described or detailed in the script. After discussions during production, I decided that it would probably be best for the story if it were some sort of a mobile weapon that had been jury-rigged by Rahm. The result was an invention of fancy, using a tracked tandem snow vehicle as the base for the delivery system. We designed a 'Votan Pulse beam weapons array' that construction mounted to the top and sides. It gave the vehicle a great look and the bulk necessary to carry the story of a really deadly weapon that could threaten Defiance." - Steve Geaghan, Production Designer
  • "Rahm Tak's camps had to vary from episode to episode as his army both grew and moved closer to Defiance. Much of the work fell on the Set Decoration department to set up and strike the environments in the dead of a Canadian winter where daily temperatures and wind chill factors hovered at -30 Celsius for weeks on end. Picture cars froze in place and paint did not dry, but the sets all got dressed for the shooting day." - Steve Geaghan, Production Designer
  • "I watched the first two seasons in five days before starting work. I was jumping on board as a total fan. I do remember the first moment when the illusion was busted, though. I met the ruthless, cunning and powerful Datak Tarr in the lunchroom. Tony [Curran] had two little hair berets clipping his hair into pigtails so that his wig wouldn't get in his food. Illusion smashed." - Billy MacLellan, "Bebe"
  • "Irisa is at a crossroads in her life. She was compelled to do some terrible things in Season Two and she wants to repent for this sins. Irisa in Season Three will have a new outlook on life and the use of violence." - Anupam Nigam, Writer
  • "One interesting new relationship we introduce is between Irisa and Alak's baby. The character we have presented to the audience in Seasons One and Two seems like she wouldn't know what to do with a baby, but she is surprisingly gentle with Alak's newborn." - Anupam Nigam, Writer
  • "I was floored by Jaime Murray's Kinuk'aaz performance. Kinuk'aaz (Omec) is a tough language to perform, and Jaime had no experience with it. Plus, Stahma is not supposed to be fluent in Kinuk'aaz by any means, so it really wouldn’t have been a big deal if she didn't pronounce it very well. Jaime, though, from take one for her very first set of Kinuk'aaz lines, did it absolutely perfectly — and with conviction. Knocked me out of my socks. If I'd been drinking something, I would've spit it out all over the screen. I still don't know how she did it. It's not like I coached her. I coached both Nichole [Galicia, Kindzi] and Conrad [Coates, T'evgin], but Jaime just got the MP3s, the script, and a 'Good luck!' She's extraordinary." - David Peterson, Language Creator

Deleted Scenes[]

  • At a meeting in Amanda's office, a man reports that by using Omec collection procedures, the mines are pulling in twice the Gulinite they were the previous year. It's also a higher level of purity and produces more energy. A liberata is staring at T'evgin, frightened as T'evgin approaches him. T'eving removes a loose whisker and laughs. Amanda ends the meeting and Bailey ushers everyone out. Amanda reveals all the Votans are terrified of T'evgin. Given that the Omec forswore the Dread Harvest hundreds of years ago, he's insulted that Votans in Defiance think he will eat them. Amanda and T'evgin get practical and agree that a race riot will interrupt the flow of gulinite, something neither of them can afford, so the Omec need to make peace with the Votans of Defiance. Amanda then encourages T'evgin to get out into the town and show them he's not a predator. She tells him to take a walk and try sugar bread, but T'evgin wants nothing to do with Votans because they tried to destroy their entire race. Amanda reminds him that his problem isn't with the people of Defiance, but the saboteurs and government officials who gave the orders to destroy the Omec. The people in Defiance aren't the enemy, but T'evgin doesn't see them as friends either. He exits without saying goodbye, and Amanda calls him a dick under her breath before she sips her scotch.
  • Rahm Tak has Nolan captured, and Irisa runs up to free him. She holds up her knife, but Rahm Tak has the upper hand. She orders him to let Nolan go, but Rahm Tak has waited a long time to "reacquaint with my old friend, Nolan." Nolan asks if he knows Rahm Tak and he reveals he fought on the opposite site of the battle of Yosemite. Rahm is known as the Kagnomi in Castithan or Beast in English. Nolan antagonizes him by telling him he must be the only Votan he didn't kill. Rahm Tak plans to force Nolan to build himself a shaming rack and then string him up on him. Then he plans to butcher Nolan and feed him to his "little pet," Irisa. When that's done, he will send Irisa back to Defiance to tell the tale of how General Rahm Tak, the Beast of the Eastern Guard, killed the Butcher of Yosemite. Luke then cries from inside Nolan's roller, distracting Rahm Tak long enough for Nolan and Irisa to make their escape. Nolan tries to shoot Rahm Tak, but the gun is empty.

Votan Translation[]

David J. Peterson, the creator of the Votan languages, has made translations available on his Archive of Our Own page.

Translations for the Votan spoken in this episode can be found at Conlang Dialogue: Defiance, Episode 303.

Highlighted Quote[]

"Light of pure truth: your kiss raises me above my station, don't in darkness let me wither".
Suulik sinaamet uus: ramütset int'aavedi nt'adaazim pas, t'ep nimudzet k'usluliket gaz ar.


  • Because the first two episodes aired together as two hour premiere, they are sometimes referred to as a single episode (despite having separate episode titles), making this the second episode to air, but third named episode of the season.
  • The hellbug toy that T'evgin holds up was produced by Trion to promote the game and distributed at PAX in 2012.

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