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"Brothers in Arms" is the sixth episode of Season One of Defiance and the sixth episode overall. It first aired on May 20, 2013 on Syfy.


Overview (No Spoilers)

While tracking a criminal, Nolan gets a blast from the past. Ties are broken, deception is common, and friend or foe is in question.

Detailed Description (Major Spoilers)

The streets of Defiance bustle with people shopping at market stalls. Overhead, laundry is drying on cables which stretch from the buildings on one side to those across the road. Various people are hawking objects of apparel: ox gloves at half off, hats and scarves at three for one, coats, jackets, ponchos, etc. A covered bicycle-driven rickshaw makes its way down the road. The ever present dogs are sniffing about. Steam is being released from something on the side of the road. A stocky middle-aged castithan is browsing the stall of the man hawking gloves. His merchandise includes: hats, dresses, coats, and shoes, and he encourages the customers to get them while they can. The castithan wearing glasses is looking through a rack of coats, while the peddler tells him that it is his lucky day, as they are genuine fawn skin half price or 40 for the pair. Looking up, the castithan spots a stern looking human man watching him through a beaded curtain. As the human bursts through the curtain and lunges toward him, the castithan takes off the glasses, drops them to the ground, and takes off running. The castithan runs into people and merchandise, knocking things over in his rush to escape. However, the human pursues him, leaping over the fallen obstacles. When the castithan runs directly into a trolley cart containing baskets of assorted fruit, he falls and the human catches and levels a gun on him. While the human says, "Nighty, night", the castithan pulls something on a chain from around his neck. When he tosses the chain, it lands on the ground in front of the human man, who sees that it is a small silver canister with a clear round window on one side. The human's eyes go wide and he throws himself on the ground away from it, just as it begings to glow blue. A massive blue energy blast erupts in the center of the street: clearing a wide space, scarring the ground, and knocking everyone and everything over. People in the market lie on the ground, some writhing. The castithan has picked himself up and, looking back at the blastsite, he is calmly walking away. Suddenly, he is tackled by a man running at him from the side of the road. They are both knocked into a stall of mannequins. The human throws him to the ground, puts a knee in the center of his back, and handuffs him. It is Lawkeeper Nolan who says "that's a boy" to the groaning man. But then the human that had been chasing the castithan appears. He has come up behind Nolan and placed his gun to the back of Nolan's head.  He calls Nolan a leech, and tells him that the runner is his, as he has been tracking him for a month. At the sound of the man's voice Nolan freezes, then slowly turns. The man recognizes Nolan and is surprised. Nolan rises, smiles, and calls him Eddie. With a laugh the two men give each other a bear hug.

In the Lawkeeper's office, Eddie is asking what kind of town would give a knuckle-dragging grunt like him a badge. Doctor Yewll is treating the prisoner in the jail cell. She is using a charge blade to close a minor wound on his right leg.  Nolan who is drinking coffee responds that they were desperate, and Eddie guesses that was so. Nolan walks to a metal cabinet and opening it tells Eddie who follows that he is going to need his sidearm. Eddie laughs believing he is joking, but Nolan tells him to come on, as that is the way things work here. He'll get his steel back on the way out. After Eddie hands over the gun from his hip holster, Nolan sternly amends his statement to say he means all of them. Eddie pulls the second, smaller gun from inside his jacket. When Nolan is indicating that it is still not all, Eddie pulls the third gun from behind his back. He calls Nolan "No Man" and complains that he is going to leave him naked here. Nolan just smiles, as he puts the guns in the cabinet and asks if Eddie has seen Cooper lately and if that old codger is still running around. Eddie seems to reply that it has been a few years. In the cell, as Yewll is bandaging the prisoner's leg, he calmly asks her if he is correct in thinking that she is Meh Yewll, which causes her to look up sharply. The prisoner who has pink eyes and the tracings of old scars and patchy burned on much of the right side of his face asks if the townspeople know about her many scientific achievements during the Pale Wars. As she just stares at him, he tells her not to worry, as he is not interested in sharing this information. He refers to himself as a big fan of her work. With a look of profound respect, he calls the Biodine Project pure genius. As she stares back at him, her eyes look empty. Eddie is telling Nolan that he looks good for an old man, while Nolan replies that Eddie looks like shtako. Eddie apologizes for not having a chance to freshen up, as he had been busy chasing down the prisoner, who he refers to as a slippery son-of-a-bitch. Nolan asks who he is and comments that he has never seen a drop-blast that strong. Eddie says nonchalantly that he is just some pyro on the run from the Earth Republic, and that he had gotten his face off of a wanted poster in Yuma.  Nolan wants to know when Eddie started chasing bounties. Eddie says that he has had hard times unlike Nolan, but he kind of likes it as he can: be out in the fresh air, keep his own hours, and shoot interesting people. Nolan is unsure what to say to that. In the cell, the prisoner is telling Yewll, as she is packing up her medical bag, that he would appreciate her help in getting him out of this cell. He tells her to consider it a professional courtesy. Standing upright and looking him directly in the eyes, Yewll says that she is afraid that he has her confused with someone else. When she calls for the deputy to open the cell, the prisoner comes up behind her and whispers in her ear that he never forgets a face. Yewll hides the fact that she has been shaken. Eddie is trying to get Nolan to remand the prisoner into his custody, which he can do with just a signature and a thumbprint, and then the prisoner will not be his headache anymore. Nolan, however wonders what he is going to tell the grocer who lost a leg to this guy (in the drop-blast explosion). Eddie says to tell him that he is going to get prosecuted by the Earth Republic. Eddie says that they are right behind him, and he intends to turn the prisoner over to them immediately. Tommy walks into the office to stare at the prisoner. He says that he just got word from Cedars and there is a reason why this guy is running around with crystalline drop-blasts. He invented them. Realizing what this means, Nolan glares at the prisoner knowing it is Pol Madis, which Tommy confirms while Eddie looks guilty. The prisoner, sitting on the cot, smiles and gives an exaggerate bow. Nolan then turns to stare at Eddie.

Getting Nolan a second cup of coffee, Eddie apologizes to Nolan for not telling him, but he maintains that calling the man a pyro was not a lie. Nolan correct him to say that what he is a weapons designer. He is "The" weapons designer. With disgust he reminds Eddie that he is the guy who invented chemo-tracts. Madis in his cell, with one foot propped onto the matress looks flattered by their conversation. Nolan talks about chemo-tracts and their experiences in the war and what it had burned, but Eddie interrupts him to say that he knows Pol Madis is a monster and that that stuff wiped out half their unit. Eddie says that is why he wants to deliver him to the Earth Republic, as they will prosecute him for war crimes and hang his ass. However, Nolan points out that the bounty for Madis must be a hell of a payday. Nolan guesses it would be 500-600k, which Eddie confirms to be about right. But getting hostile he asks "so what", explaining that he has to earn, as he is not like Nolan. With a sigh, Nolan gets up saying that he needs a real drink.

Later as Nolan and Eddie are walking into the Needwant's bar,  Eddie is saying that Nolan had pulled his own share of stunts himself. He brings up the fact that Nolan had stolen Varus' Libera Nova Gem and comments that he must have made a fat profit off of that. Nolan a bit perturbed remarks that people out west must have been talking. Eddie says yeah, considering he is the biggest cartel boss in the Bay Area. When he gets jacked, word gets around. As they are having drinks which had been served by Jered at the bar, Eddie asks him how much he cleared. He is shocked when Nolan tells him that he got "clutched". Nolan explains that Spirit Riders  ambushed him in the B-lands. Eddie calls him a dumbass which Nolan agrees he is. Looking up Eddie yells out to the room "Friggin' I-raths", failing to notice Irisa who has just walked into the bar and is directly behind and walking toward them. She announces her presence telling  Nolan that there were six burn victims total, and Talak Gundun just regained consciousness. Eddie stares at her and says "holy hell", drawing her attention. Pointing at her he incredulously asks Nolan who he again calls "No Man" if this is Irisa. Nolan remarks that she is a little taller. Eddie says "wow" completely stunned. Nolan introduces him to Irisa as Eddie Braddock who had fought with him in the 9th. Smiling and looking very pleased to see her, Eddie, indicating himself, says that it is "Uncle Eddie" and he walks toward her, likely intending to hug her, but she just continues to look at him as a stranger and even backs up a step. Looking at Nolan, Eddie is both questioning and stating the fact that she doesn't remember him. Nolan shakes his head. With sadness, Eddie remarks that it had been a long time ago when she was only yay tall, holding his hand at waist level. Still smiling and searching her face, he calls her about the cutest thing he had ever seen, until she tried to bite his finger off. He playfully again puts his finger up near her mouth, but she doesn't smile and only stares at him. Nolan says that will teach him where to point it, as he winks at Irisa. She looks from one to the other and simply walks away from them, though she is aware that they continue to watch her as she walks around the room to the other end of the bar to talk to Jered. Eddie says it is incredible, as he had thought that Nolan would have dropped her off with some Iraths, while instead he had raised her like a human daughter. When Nolan says that he did try to, the statement conveys more than Eddie knows, as Irisa has recently been accusing Nolan of raising her as a human which has left her cut off from her culture. Slapping him on the shoulder, Eddie says that this shows that Nolan is a good man which is why he is going to give him Pol Madis. Nolan accuses Eddie of never stopping, and he restates the fact that he has six people in the infirmary, and Pol Madis needs to answer for that, here in this town among these people. A bitter Eddie tells Nolan that ever since he got out he has been scraping, scavenging, and has nothing to show for it. Beseeching, he tells Nolan that he needs this. Reaching into his pocket, Nolan takes out his scrip and places it on the bar. Eddie looks exasperated, but Nolan says it is all the scrip he's got. Dejected, Eddie takes the scrip and making the best of things loudly announces that it is time for Plan B. When Nolan asks what that is, Eddie explains that he intends to get ass-plastered and find himself a good whore. Irisa from the other side of the bar witnesses these exchanges. Eddie sees Kenya Rosewater, as she is coming around the bar greeting customers. He calls her gorgeous and tells her to come here. Nolan doesn't look pleased. When Kenya asks what she can do for him, Eddie looks down at the scrip he holds in front of him. He explains that he has come into some scrip, When Nolan introduces him as an old war buddy, Kenya says that it is nice to meet him, while Eddie bows over and kisses her hand. Eddie notices as she and Nolan then share an intense look, and begins to ask if the two of them are somehow involved. When he doesn't get a response, he smiles at Nolan inferring that they are and jokes that then this fine woman must be in need of a real man. Nolan replies that counts Eddie out. Seriously, Eddie calling Nolan his buddy says that he would never get between him and a woman, unless (changing his tone again) Nolan was in a sharing mood. Kenya looks at Nolan, curious what he is going to say. Nolan correctly realizes what response he has to give if he wants to keep his relationship with Kenya. He says that he would never get between a woman and her work, and this is lady's choice. Kenya gives him a look of approval. Considering a smiling Eddie, she takes his hand, calls him sweetheart, and telling him to come with her, leads him away. Nolan is left decidedly unhappy.

She takes him upstairs to her room. Eddie taking off his coat, remarks that Nolan always did have great taste. She sits on the round bed and tells him to come to her. But just as Eddie is about to kiss her, she pulls away and says "shoot" before apologizing that she had completely forgotten that she had a client in 5 minutes. When Eddie believes the real reason is that he is her guy's buddy, Kenya disputes this, saying that she would chup Nolan's brother if he had the scrip, and she had just mixed up her schedule. However, when she tells Eddie, who is sprawled on the bed and resigned, to wait as she will not leave him wanting he sits up alert. She opens the door, and calls out. Two girls enter, tall castithan Ceci and short, voluptuous, dark-skinned Midge. Kenya says it are on the house, as the women crawl onto the bed one on either side of a thoroughly delighted Eddie. Before she leaves, Kenya reminds the women not to forget to show him the six-legged monkey crawl, which Eddie anxiously says that he does want to see.

At the Darby Building, Nolan has come to see Mayor Amanda Rosewater, who is pouring over a table full of maps, about Pol Madis. He is repeating all of the arguments that Eddie had used on him, trying to get her to authorize him to release Pol Madis to Eddie, so his friend can collect the bounty. He tells her that they can get Madis out of town, and it's a win-win situation for everyone. However, Amanda says it won't be, not for her or Defiance. And she has already sent the word to Earth Republic, who should be on their way. When Nolan asks her since when has she been so eager to get the e-rep into town, amanda tells him that she is working on an extradition agreement, as this war criminal is a bargaining chip. Defiance gives them Pol Madis, and they give Defiance rights of way for the mag-lev railroad. Rights that they could never afford without this leverage. Still fighting for Eddie, Nolan says that extradition orders take time, and she could be out of office by the time she gets those easements. If they do it his way, Madis is on the first roller out of town, the e-rep gets him even faster, and she will buy herself more goodwill. Amanda points out Nolan's bias, as that first roller happens to belong to his old buddy. Nolan says that he knows he can trust him, which Amanda disputes as he is a bounty hunter. Nolan counters with the fact that the reward guarantees that Eddie will hand him straight to the Earth Republic. Amanda smiles and asks how much of that jaja will be ending up in Nolan's pocket. With an unwavering gaze he looks her straight in the eyes and tells her that he is not making a dime. Amanda asks him why then he wants to hand over one of the most wanted criminals on this continent to a scavenger. Nolan tells her that Eddie is his friend, they have been through hell and back together, and he owes him. Amanda sincerely admires that, but is going on to say that she cannot agree to it. Nolan tells her that he is just asking her to think about it.

At the Cafe Renaldo, Quentin McCawley is studying a book of ancient glyphs (trying to find out what the ones in the I-7 mine shaft mean). He also has books on the table titled Missoui Geological Studies Vol.1 and A History of Earthquakes. Looking at the glyphs which appear on the endpages, Quentin compares it to the Kaziri artifact which he has in his backpack. Former Mayor Nicolette Riordon has arrived with her driver and co-conspirator Mr. Birch. She quietly walks up behind Quentin and puts her hands over his eyes, calling him darling and saying it is nice to see him. He smiles and greets her as Aunt Nicky. Birch sits down at a table and observes them. Nicky comments that Quentin always has his head in a book, but she says that is good. She pleases him when she says that Luke was pretty on the eyes, but Quentin is the smart one. She asks what he is reading these days, and Quentin tries to say it is just an old book he found on his dad's shelf. However, when she sees the symbols which he is trying to conceal, she takes the book from out of his hands and remarks on how interesting and distinctive they are. Worse, she remembers that she saw these symbols on a cave wall when his father had given her a tour of the mines. When she smilingly says that he must have seen them, as he and Luke practically grew up in those mines, Quentin does not respond. Rising to go, she tells him to keep feeding that intellect of his and give his father her love, and she kisses him on the ear. As she walks away, Quentin looks back at her worried that his carelessness has revealed his secret investigation. Sitting next to Birch, Nicky with rising excitement says that it makes perfect sense. As Luke had it when he died, the young brother has found it. Birch looks sharply at Quentin asking Nicky if she means that the kid has the artifact. When Nicky replies that he does only "for the time being", Birch looks back at her knowing that she has plans.

Irisa is in the Lawkeeper's office sharpening one of her blades on a whetstone, when Tommy carrying a bowl of food for the prisoner, comes over and asks her if she wants to come over to his place later. She, pretending not understand, asks him what's at his place. Tommy says that he is at his place and so is a bed and a couple of drinks. When she makes no comment, he tells her to forget he asked. Tommy having learned a lesson about how to serve food to a prisoner from Irisa previously, tells Pol Madis to stay seated while he puts the bowl through the bars onto the floor of the cell, never taking his eyes off of the prisoner. Tommy walking up to Irisa says that it maybe just a human thing, but usually when a person gets invited somewhere they give some sort of an indication of a yes or a no. After a pause and to an exasperated Tommy, Irisa replies "No, thank you", before returning to sharpening her knife. Pol Madis is contemplating his food with disdain when a small packet is pushed through an airvent from outside the building and drops to the floor of his cell. Rising, Madis picks up a small plastic baggie of a tan powder. Going to the bars of the cell, he asks Tommy, who is looking at a paper from a file cabinet, if he can please have some water. Then trying to look innocent and indicating his food adds that he also needs some salt.

It is evening at the NeedWant, and Kenya  is sitting at a table in the bar talking to Amanda and sharing a drink. She is telling her about what happened with Eddie that afternoon and is remarking that it is completely unacceptable. She says that she has never been not able to do her job. Amanda says that the good news is that Nolan doesn't have a lot of friends, so the odds of this situation ever happening again are pretty low. However, Kenya tells her that the odds are nil, as it is not going to happen again. Amanda asks if she is breaking up with him, but Kenya replies that the term "breaking up" implies that they were some kind of a couple. Putting her hand on Kenya's arm Amanda recognizes that she is falling in love for the first time since Hunter, and it scares the hell out of her. Kenya scoffs at Amanda, and seeking to change the subject asks if she is supposed to take love advice from a woman whose last boyfriend was a vibro. Amanda is a bit abashed at this comment, but advises Kenya not to pull the ripcord before she jumps. She tells her that Nolan is a cocky, stubborn, pain in the ass, but he's a good guy. He's not like Hunter Bell. Kenya suddenly vulernerable and appearing to shiver tells her to stop, and a comforting Amanda calls her Ken, rubs her shoulder, and says that it is ok.

In the diningroom of the Mccawley home, Quentin has told Rafe about his run-in with Nicky. As Quentin is making a detailed sketch of the artifact into a journal which he has filled with information and drawings of glyphs from his research, Rafe asks him exactly what kinds of questions was she asking him. Putting down his pen, Quentin replies that they were about the caves and the glyphs, and that it seemed like she knew he had it. Walking around to the other side of the table, Rafe tells him to get rid of it right now. As Quentin asks him why, Rafe tells him to take it to the mines, throw it into Dante's Drop, and let it melt into slag. Quentin questions the need of doing this, as he is finally getting somewhere in his research. There was an earthquake in the area in 1811 and based on the pocket watch and the bones that is exactly when those people were buried. When Rafe asks what difference that makes, Quentin forcefully tells him that it was the first recorded earthquake in the area and asks if he thinks it is a coincidence that they were down there at the time, but Rafe doesn't think that it matters.  Walking up to Quentin, Rafe tells him that Nicolette Riordon is a dangerous woman, and if she is interested in that thing, then it's trouble. When Quentin takes his seat again and says that he is not afraid of her, Rafe coming to stand and lean over his chair tells him that he better be. He reminds a sobered Quentin that Luke was murdered with that thing hidden in his bedroom. It connects him with the Volge attack. It also connects Rafe, Quentin, and his sister Christie, and Rafe, now walking out of the room, wants it gone from his house. Quentin staring at the artifact considers his father's words.

It is the next day in Defiance, and Nolan having gone to bed fully dressed and looking a bit worse for wear groans, as he is waking up in the room above the Lawkeeper's office (perhaps he had a few drinks thinking about Eddie with Kenya). He is startled to see Irisa crouched across the room staring at him. He tells her that it creeps him out when she does that, but she replies that it creeps her out waking up to his ugly butt asleep on her flloor. He grunts as he sits up. Bringing him a cup of coffee, Irisa asks if he is sleeping there because Kenya is busy.  Nolan looking dejected confides in her that Kenya is busy, with Uncle Eddie. After a pause, Irisa asks him why Eddie calls him "No Man', and Nolan rubbing his eye says that it doesn't take much to get a nickname in war. He tells her that he was caught behind enemy lines once in No-Man's land. Irisa thinks that it is a dumb name and says that she doesn't like Eddie. Nolan admits that he is rough around the edges, but he tells her that Eddie has been good to him. And looking Irisa in the eyes goes on to say that Eddie has been good to both of them. Irisa says that she still doesn't like him, and Nolan does not get a chance to elaborate, because at that moment the Lawkeeper's office is rocked by an explosion. Jumping up, Nolan grabs his gun, and they both run out the door and then down the outside steps that lead first to the 2nd floor deck and then to the ground on the side of the building.

People are shouting in the strreet not knowing what happened, and the office is filled with smoke. Tommy lies on the floor, and Nolan tells Irisa to check on him. Nolan walks into the open jail cell where the smoke is the thickest. The door has been blown off its hinges and the bars of the cell next to the door are bent outward. Checking out the cell, Nolan with a grim look on his face finds the small plastic baggie on the floor with a tiny amount of powder remaining in it. He asks Irisa who is kneeling next to the unconscious Tommy with her hand to his throat if he is all right, and Irisa says, as Tommy shows the first signs of regaining consciousness, that he is. Taking the bag, Nolan walks out of the office.

Eddie is in an alley between two buildings made up out of stacked shipping containers.  Raiga the sensoth thanks him as Eddie hands him some of the scrip that Nolan had given him the day before. After Raiga goes, Eddie remains looking down at the gun that he holds in his hand. Nolan then arrives. He grabs Eddie, pushes him against the wall and takes the gun from him by the barrel.  Eddie looks at him confused and put out, asking what's the matter with him as he rubs his sore shoulder. Pulling out the clip, Nolan makes the observation that Eddie had found himself another gun. Eddie, continuing to flex his arm, winches and chides Nolan that he knows that Eddie has a bad shoulder. Nolan pushes the nearly empty baggie into Eddie chest. Taking it and looking around to see if anyone is watching, Eddie asks what the hell this is. Nolan reminds him of the time that he had used the stuff before, when he had blasted their way out of Calexico with it. Eddie recognizes it as strafing powder, which Nolan confirms before saying that Eddie knows the recipe better than anyone: one part table salt, two parts water, and presto he would have himself a nice little boom. Eddie questions if Nolan seriously thinks that he did this. He has obviously heard that Madis had escaped, and he points out that, if he had been the one to bust Madis out, does Nolan really think that he would still be here. He would instead be looking at Defiance in the rearview with the haint tranq'ed in the backseat. Besides he tells Nolan that he would never do that to him. Nolan gives Eddie a long considering look, before giving a deep sigh and handing Eddie back the gun, telling him that he could use a shooter. Taking the gun, Eddie describes himself as the best shooter this side of the storm divide. As they proceed to walk out of the alley and back to the main strreet, Nolan corrects him saying that he is the second best. While Eddie smiles, pleased to be back fighting at Nolan's side again, Nolan tells him that they have set up a perimeter, and they have roadblocks both ways at Bissell Pass. Eddie says that's good, and, as he tucks the gun into his waist band, returns to their old disagreement telling Nolan that when they do recapture the fugitive, Madis will be his. When Nolan only says "We'll see." Eddie smiling replies almost to himself that he guesses they will.

Across town back at the market, two liberata shake out rugs on the roof of a building. The clothing peddler in his market stall is hawking skunk-ox gloves for half off and scraves three for one. A wanted poster for Pol Madis is posted on the street. Pol Madis himself wearing a gray hooded coat passes it as he heads for the peddler's stall. As he goes to the back of the stall where a "Haberdashery" sign is posted, the peddler sees him and asks what he thinks he is doing. Pointing behind the nearby chair, Madis identifies his case which he had stashed there the day before, and which the peddler had obviously taken. The peddler asks how he can be sure that it is his case. With a look of annoyance Madis sighs and pulls back the hood of his coat. He says that he will unlock it and show him. The man lifts the case and holds it flat while Madis opens the locks. Inside is a collection of stoppered vials and tools, When the peddler asks what all this is, Madis tells him that they are medicinals and identifies himself as a pharmacist. With a sly look, the peddler deduces that this stuff would then be valuable to Madis. Madis agrees and says that is why he would like to pay the peddler for his trouble. When he says that the scrip is in the back pocket the peddler immediately puts down the case and eagerly reaches inside. He pulls out a silver disc, but after looking at both sides, he is angry, because it is not money. He asks Madis with his voice raised what he is trying to pull. Madis puts a finger to his lips and goes "shh". With a calm voice and a steady concerned stare, he tells the man that there is no need to be agitated, not with his heart condition. When the man says that he doesn't have a heart condition, Madis says that is not what the coroner will say. There is a small hum, and the disc the man is holding between his fingers sparks. The man winches, falls back against the doorway behind him, and slides down to the ground dead, while Madis with his fingers laced in front of him calmly watches. The man's hand has fallen open, and reaching down, very carefully making sure to just touch the disc by the edges, Madis retrieves the object and returns it to the back pocket of his case. After closing the case, Madis reaches up,  takes a leopard print scarf that hangs overhead, puts it around his neck, and walks away.

In the Darby Building, a sensoth stands outside on the balcony. Mayor Amanda Rosewater's new assistant a tall castithan woman  named Kazha comes into her office and announces the arrival of the envoy from the Earth Republic who is there to see her. Amanda wonders which corrupt baby-kisser they are sending them this time. From outside the partially open door a man says that he prefers pinching cheeks these days, what with germs and all. A man in an elegant suit made of black shiny material with red tie and black hat walks in followed by an earth republic guard in uniform and beret. Amanda's assistant introduces him as Connor Lang, but as Amanda stands and they stare at each other, it is obvious that they know each other. When she is surprised that they have sent him, he tells her that he volunteered. Taking her hand and holding it, he tells her that he is with the General Assembly now, and he represents the forth province. She congtatulates him. They stand there holding hands over her desk not speaking. Finally, Amanda asks Kazha if she will give them a moment, she and the armed guard return to the outer office. Calling her Madam Mayor, Connor Lang congratulates her as well and calls her rise very impressive. Amanda wonders why he is not hobnobbing with the president or making the world a better place. But he tells her that that is what he is doing here, as Pol Madis needs to be captured, because sadly a certain self-proclaimed city-state couldn't hold one man in one small cell. Amanda tries to defend the town saying that Madis did have help. Lang agrees, but says that help was her lawkeeper's incompetence. Still Amanda says that Madis is not getting far, asking if he saw the roadblocks on his way into town, but Lang questions whether that is supposed to contain him, as he has eluded Earth Republic for years. Amanda confidently assures him that when her lawkeeper finds him, which he will, they can then negotiate the terms of his extradition. However, Connor Lang then says that there are no terms. Amanda in a firm voice walking back behind her desk reminds him that Madis put six of her citizens in the hospital and one man lost a limb. Justice is served in Defiance. Connor asks if she was about to say that the e-rep gets the leftovers. Amanda says no, but then with a smile admits that maybe she was. They laugh and share another long look. Amanda thinks they should start again, which Connor agrees to, as he sits on the end of her desk. Amanda brings up the bargain which she had previously told Nolan, Earth Republic grants Defiance irrevocable rights of way for the Oklahoma City stretch of their mag-lev railroad line, and in exchange she will give them Pol Madis. Connor amends that this will occur once they find him. Amanda changes it to when they find him. Looking at the bright positive glow she puts to her argument, Connor says softly that he always did love that unwavering sense of confidence she has. However, he tells her as he rises and heads for the door that she better hurry, as a caravan of rollers will be in Defiance in  less than two hours. As he retrieves his hat from where he placed it on the large gold bell that sits in her office, Amanda reminds him in firm tones that Earth Republic has no jurisdiction in the city. But, Connor says that Madis is an international war criminal. Off the record, he lets her know if Madis is not in her custody by the time that caravan arrives, they have orders to tear the town apart brick by brick until they find him. Amanda recognizes that in this situation Connor is the "good cop". Putting on his hat he apologizes, but says that these orders comes from the top, and he leaves her office.

Nolan is questioning Doc Yewll about how Madis got the strafing powder. Yewll conducting a scientific experiment says that she searched him from head to toe, and he was clean. Nolan says that someone slipped it to him. When Yewll asks who, Eddie walking around to stand behind her in an intimidating manner, says why doesn't she tell them. Raising her chin defiantly, she asks if they are insinuating that she had something to do with his escape. Eddie says it wouldn't shock him, but Nolan says that they are just going door-to-door talking to people. Eddie comments that she and Madis were quite chatty, while she had been treating him. Yewll says this was just bedside manner, a little pleasant palaver (which anyone who knows yewll knows that she doesn't do). Eddie questions that she could have pleasant conversation with a man who is a war criminal, he doesn't imagine that they were talking about the weather. Yewll says no, they were talking about how funny humans look when they are enraged. Eddie is about to go on, but Nolan realizes that it is fruitless and they aren't going to get anywhere. He tells a very steely eyed Yewll that if she hears anything she is to let them know.

Datak Tarr is whistling as he enters his house and removes his coat, but he stops when he sees Pol Madis in the diningroom under the large silver globes, cooking on the plexiglass table in what appears to be some kind of crock pot. Madis says that he hopes Datak doesn't mind as he is famished. Hanging up his coat, Datak asks him what he is doing in Datak's home. As he finishes adding ingredients to the bubbling pot, Madis lifts his glass for a castithan toast which his says with great feeling. "When heaven falls to Earth, peace shall reign." Hearing this toast Datak deduces that Madis is with the Votanis Collective, and Madis introduces himself before he and Datak give the traditional castithan greeting of putting the backs of their right arms together and then sliding them until the backs of their hands meet. He says that it is a pleasure to meet Datak, and he thanks him for his "care package", as he thought that he would never get out of that cage (Madis believes that Datak is the one who dropped the strafing powder into his cell, though it is curious that a castithan in a post-apocalyptic future would use the term care package). Though Datak says that he doesn't know what he is talking about, Madis gives him a conspiratorial wink, as if he doesn't believe him. When Datak tells him to state his business, Madis returning to the table and setting down his glass tells him that he was told by an operative in Cedars that Datak was a comrade and could get him to Brazil. Datak agrees, as Madis belongs in the Votan capital rather than in Defiance. He tells Madis cheerfully that he will smuggle him out of the city in one of his delivery rollers. As Madis is spooning some of the contents of the crockpot into a bowl, Datak says that he will make a call about it on his hailer right now. Madis stops him as he says that there is no reason to rush, and he hands him a bowl of the food he has prepared. With an air of comraderie, he asks Datak to join him in a bowl of bulgur ashkhan. He says that he is told by many a casti that his recipe reminds them of home. When Datak repeats the phrase "of home" it does not seem that he has the same pleasant connotations associated with it. They eat and enjoying the food Datak agrees that indeed it does. Madis remarks that most casti believe that the culinary arts are a woman's domain, but he considers himself progressive. As Madis returns to the table, Datak sets down his bowl and retrieves his gun from his coat. Holding the gun on Madis and speaking in an unemotional voice, Datak tells him to consider himself gone, and he orders him to leave this house at once. There is a hurt look on Pol Madis' face. Though Datak continues to say that he must get out now, Madis continues eating. As Datak brings the gun up to point at his head, Madis brushing the hair out of his eyes and setting down his bowl asks him if he is sure that he wants to do this. Coming to Madis' side Datak grabs him by the arm and pushes him toward the front door. Datak says that he supports the Votanis Collective and believes that they need a nation to call their own. But he has worked hard to make a home here in Defiance to become a respected member of the community and after his pyrotechnics, Pol Madis' presence in his house jeopardizes all of it. Suddenly Madis speaking with real anger tells Datak that he is a disgrace to everything the collective stands for. Datak warns him to watch himself, and still headed to the front door shoves Madis across the foyer. But Madis still in a raised voice dripping with disdain goes on implying that Datak is a hypcrite: getting fat off of human avarice, in his muti-tiered house, with his three baths a day, pledging allegiance to whatever culture will take him the furthest. While every month, Madis goes on in a voice of sarcastic pathos, Datak sends off his bundle of scrip to Brazil all to ease the guilt of leaving his parents to die. A furious Datak calls Madis a smug shtek, and says that he is hard pressed to think of a reason not to shoot him on the spot, and as he brings the gun up to his head he asks if Madis can, as his life may very well depend on what he says next. With a sad smile Madis grasps the ring finger on his right hand. Datak begins to look ill. Madis asks if it feels like indigestion, When Datak responds by graoning and grabbing his stomach, Madis calm and in control assures him that it is not. Datak cannot hold the gun and it clatters to the floor. As Datak colaspes onto the steps, Pol Madis explains that it is the nano-tab that he slipped into the ashkhan. He asks again if the food was yummy, to which Datak only groans. Picking up Datak's gun and putting it in his pocket, he goes on to say that it sends a nice little zap of energy directly into someone's nerve endings whenever he wants it to. Datak yells for him to make it stop. Holding up his right pinky finger he tuns the ring to the left saying he can dial it down, and Datak sighs in relief. Or he says he can dial it up, as he turns the ring to the right and Datak screams. as soon as Datak can speak he asks Madis what he wants from him. Madis says seconds for a start, and whistling he goes back to the food leaving Datak sufferng on the floor.

In the mines, Quentin has come to Dante's Drop and looks at the molten blue waterfall which falls into a blue bubbling caldron below. He pulls the Kaziri artifact from his pocket and prepares to throw it in as his father instructed. Suddenly, a voice tells him not to do that. It is Luke who Quentin can now see standing beside him. Luke tells him to hold onto it. When Quentin starts to tell him that their father said to destroy it, Luke says that their father doesn't understand . He asks Quentin to trust him, and says he won't steer him wrong. Quentin looks down at the artifact, and when he looks up again Luke is gone. He struggles to catch his breath, suddenly winded from his shock at this experience. Quentin then returns the artifact to his pocket.

Nolan is hailing his men, as he and Eddie walk through the streets of Defiance, he tells Viper four to tighten his perimeter along Doran Ridge. Eddie brings up Kenya, calling her Nolan's hooker friend, and telling Nolan that she really likes him. When Nolan asks which position they were in when she told him that, Eddie says with a smile that they were standing fully clothed. Nolan accuses him of being too drunk to chup, but Eddie emphatically says "Never". Stopping Nolan with a hand to his arm, Eddie in all seriousness tells Nolan that Kenya cut him loose. Nolan still joking tells him that he has to learn to use deodorant. But Eddie, as they resume walking, goes on to say that he knows woman, and this one is into him. Nolan chuckles at the idea of Eddie being an expert on women, he asks if that is why one of them tried to chop his hose off. Eddie winches asking why Nolan would even bring that up and says that that girl was just plain crazy, but Nolan remains unconvinced. They arrive at Datak Tarr's door and ring the bell.

Inside Datak and Madis had been walking toward the front door, but when the chimes sound Madis indicates for Datak to answer it, while he sets down his case and grasps his ring. When Datak nervously asks him what he should say, Madis, with his eyes gone cold, points to his ring and recommends that he say something smart. Answering the door and leading Nolan into the room, Datak pleasantly asks what he can do for him. Nolan apologizes calling him Tarr and explains that they are looking for the bomber door-to-door. When Nolan asks if Datak minds if he takes a look. Datak says no and to please do so by all means. He conversationally asks if they have any reason to believe that he is hiding here. Nolan looking closely at Datak says no, not necessarily, and Eddie adds that Madis is a casti, and so is Datak, and he can do the math. A reserved and controlled Datak says that they may be of the same origin but that is where the similarity ends as the man is a psychopath, and should be publicly dismembered on a cleansing rack. Datak then winches and holds his stomach which makes a noise (perhaps Madis had heard that comment). Nolan approaches Datak and asks if he has had any word from his men in the hollows. Datak says that he has not, but will make inquiries at once, and when Madis shows his face, they will be the first to know. Nolan and Eddie go about the room making a cursory inspection behind doors and through doorways. Nolan thanks Datak for his cooperation, and Datak with a smile tells him that he is very welcome. He says that it is nice to see them both and they should enjoy the rest of their day. Nolan exits and Eddie, after a last look at Datak, follows him out. Madis comes out from wherever he was hiding and rather impressed tells Datak that that was well done. He tells Datak who is starting to look worried to come let's go for a ride.

As Datak is driving his long vintage car from the 60's, he asks Madis how he is supposed to get him past the checkpoint, but Madis just tells him to improvise. Datak with an air of excited earnestness, says that he has been thinking, and Madis was absolutely right. Datak says that he has let his ambition override his sense of duty. With animation to his movements, Datak says that the collective should be his priority, it must be, and he will devote more time to the cause and more money, whatever the V.C. needs. Observing him Madis smiles and then begins to laugh. Datak insists that he is serious, but Madis then in a burst of honesty confesses to Datak, who remains in his complete control, that he himself couldn't give a kang-rat's balls about the Votanis Collective, he just likes killing people. Datak begins to look scared, and Madis says that he is starting to get it, his is the face and eyes of a man who knows he may never see his family again. Datak his anger flaring tells Madis  to go ahead and kill him. Datak furiously says that he will piss on him from high and haunt him for eternity, calling him a sick gwoke, but Madis only laughs. Suddenly, as they pass a ridge a very dirty lawkeeper car pulls up beside them with Nolan and Eddie inside. Nolan drives his car into the left side of Datak's repeatedly until he succeeds in running it off the road, which results in Madis hitting his head on the dash. They exit the lawkeeper car and pull their guns, just as Irisa and Tommy pull up in a roller. Madis very disoriented and grumbling is pulled out of the car by Eddie who throws him down on the hood and handcuffs his hands behind his back. When Nolan helps Datak, who is a bit shaken by the accident, out of the car he asks how Nolan knew Madis was with him. Nolan explain that, back at his house, he was nice, which causes Datak to laugh


  • This episode marks the first on-screen mention of the Votanis Collective's headquarters in Brazil. Promotional background materials had previously indicated that a Votan colony was established there prior to the Pale Wars.
  • Eddie Braddock is named for Edward "The Bulldog" Braddock, who was George Washington's commanding officer during the Seven Years' War.

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