Christie Tarr
Christie McCawley.jpg
Species Human
Gender Female
Relationships Rafe McCawley, Father, deceased
Pilar McCawley Mother, deceased
Luke McCawley, Brother, deceased
Quentin McCawley, Brother, deceased
Alak Tarr, Husband
Lucas Tarr, Son
Datak Tarr, Father-in-law, deceased
Stahma Tarr, Mother-in-law
Dierdre "Treasure Doll" Lamb, Friend, deceased
Health deceased
Seen Season 1

Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go
The Devil in the Dark
The Serpent's Egg
Goodbye Blue Sky
If I Ever Leave This World Alive
The Bride Wore Black
Past Is Prologue
Everything Is Broken

Season 2
The Opposite of Hallelujah
In My Secret Life
The Cord and the Ax
Beasts of Burden
Putting the Damage On
This Woman's Work
If You Could See Her Through My Eyes
Bottom of the World
Doll Parts
All Things Must Pass
I Almost Prayed

Actor Nicole Muñoz

Christie Tarr is the only daughter of the town’s most influential citizen, Rafe McCawley. Christie grew up without her mother as years ago she tried to feed Christie and her brothers rat poison and took on her mother’s role in the family, acting as caregiver for her father and brothers. She married Alak, the son of her fathers biggest rival. They later had a son named after her late brother Luke. Christie's son Lucas will grow up without his mother as she was killed when he was a few months old. 

Relationships (TV)[edit | edit source]

  • Alak Tarr and Christie McCawley, together

    The McCawley Family

  • Christie, Alak and baby Luke were held against their will by Christie's mother Pilar, while Alak and Pilar were checking the traps, the Votanis Collective came to the house with Rafe, Stahma and Datak, Christie took Luke and hid, her brother died trying to protect them, however she was discovered and her father was killed tying to save her by then she and Stahma realised the only way to keep Luke safe was for Stahma to kill her daughter in-law, Alak watched his mother kill his wife and after the V.C left, Alak and Pilar went inside and found Rafe and Christie's bodies and soon heard Luke crying the three of them then left to find some where safe to spend the night.
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