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A clan is a group of like-purposed and/or like-minded people under a single organized and unified name.  Generally they will work together to accomplish large-scale goals.  In Defiance, specifically, it replaces the more commonly used term "guild" from most MMORPGs (or Corp from EVE Online, etc.).  Different guilds or clans might have different purposes, within the universe and cannon of Defiance some of those might include, but are not limited to:

  • Seeking out Ark falls
  • Co-Op missions
  • Competitive Content
  • Shadow War events
  • Simply having a way to communicate while working alone

Creating a Clansda[]

The process of creating a clan is very simple.  If you open your social window there are brackets at the top (they look like this "< >") for the clan section.  Simply go there and the game will alert you of the requirements for creating - EGO level 50 and 5,000 Scrip.  Accept the message and simply choose a name for your Clan (up to 24 characters).  Now your clan is made, all you have to do is invite your friends and promote them (be careful, your rank will be Founder, if you promote a member to Leader you can promote them once more to Founder and you will be demoted to Leader).

Benefits of having a Clan[]

BobbieTrooper have stated in an interview with IGN that Clans will get added features later on, such as, Clan Levels and special goals that can only be accomplished with the aid of fellow clan members. Further speculation from the interviewed developer is that Clans may be able to obtain bases of operation in later patches as well.

Clan Ranks[]

The creator of a clan will automatically be given the rank of Founder with all new members accepted into the clan starting out as Recruits. If a Leader is promoted to Founder status, the existing Founder will be demoted to a Leader position. The Founder, Leaders, and Officers are the only ones who can send clan invites. Recruits and Members are simply that... probationary and/or fresh meat and permanent members.

  • Recruit
  • Member
  • Officer
  • Leader
  • Founder

Each clan can decide to use these positions as a status of training, clout or trust within the clan. It's up for you to decide how they will be used.