This page is meant to provide the community with a strict policy of Guidelines, Rules, and Restrictions, so that users may be aware of what is wrong and what is right, as seen by the community as a whole.

Episode Page Content


Spoilers to be organized accordingly. There are already pre-sectioned locations for the amount of spoiler content when writing material describing that episode. Please, appropriate your content in the proper heading section on that page.


Please provide a reference if you are quoting directly from someone else's writing, as this is Copyright Law. Otherwise, create a description summary in your own words.

To place a reference link, place the:

<ref> </ref>

directly after the content provided.

Page Summaries

If someone has already written a summary for that specific type of spoiler filtered content, then you can not simply delete that content if it is not to your liking; instead, make edits to that content and/or create a subheading underneath their content, so that you may write your own version of a summary. Make sure to label your subheading something specific, such as, [Your Username]'s Summary.

Multiple Summaries

If there are multiple summaries underneath the same spoiler filtered content heading, then a poll will be created on the Talk page, to provide the community with a choice for which summary should take precendence. This poll will only be created upon completion of the summary by the original author, or abandonment of the summary by the original author (one month's time has passed). 

Video Game Content

Patch Marker

Upon adding information to a page containing information regarding the Video Game, a marker of sorts indicating the version of the Defiance MMORPG should be left somewhere near the content.

For example, on a Vehicle page, in the Notes section, a note regarding a change in the release of a patch should have a marker next to it, such as,

"Update Version 2.6.x: There is now a new option for purchasing this vehicle."


Whether you play the game yourself or not, providing a reference to another legitimate website will backup your statements, and as such, is preferred that you attempt to find a website to backup your claims. 

What it should not be: 

  • Another wiki
  • A forum
  • Anything social/user-edited. 

What it should be:

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.