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This page is meant to provide the community with a strict policy of Guidelines, Rules, and Restrictions, so that users may be aware of what is wrong and what is right, as seen by the community as a whole.

Episode Page Content

Episode Page Structure

  • Infobox - standard information about the episode
    • Species - Human, Castithan, Irathient, Omec, Indogene, Liberata, Gulanee, Sensoth, Volge
    • Liro (only applicable for Castithans or possibly those who have married into a Castithan family)
    • Gender
    • Place of Origin
    • Occupation
    • Aliases - Nicknames, aliases, etc
    • Languages Spoken - To count as a language a character speaks, they should converse in that language, and say more than common phrases or swear words in that language
    • Health - Well, deceased
    • Relationships - significant relationships in the series, from friends and family to enemies
    • Seen - which seasons they appear in
    • Actor
    • Voice Actor - Voice in the game
    • Actor - TV actor
  • Recaps* - this is a summary of the episode in a few hundred words (see below for more information)
  • Syfy's Fun Facts - this is the official background information that was published when the episode aired, often featuring quotes and additional background information about an episode. Additional trivia should be in the trivia section
  • Votan Translations - this is a link to the official translations for an episode as well as a highlighted quote.
  • Deleted Scenes - brief summaries of any deleted scenes from the episode, may also include information about alternative takes of scenes
  • Trivia - this is where you would add quotes from the cast and crew, behind the scenes details, or other assorted facts about an episode (such as 'this episode marks x character's final appearance'). If the information comes from an interview or other outside source, please provide a reference to where you got the information as it adds credibility and helps other fans know they can trust your statement.
  • Quotes - interesting, revealing, or funny quotes from the characters
  • Video - links to official behind the scenes videos such as episodes of "Inside Defiance"


Most episodes do not currently have recaps. For about eight years, this wiki had sections for three separate levels of recaps for each episode, and these recaps were almost never written, so your new admin has chosen to remove these empty headings as they cluttered up the page. If someone would like to write episode recaps, feel free to do so, but keep them within a few hundred words - they do not need to be summaries of every single thing that happens in an episode, but rather a summary of the highlights and important moments. Remember, people have limited attention spans and most people come to the wiki for informational purposes, not in place of watching the show. Few people will read a recap that is too long.


This show has been over for many years, so there is no longer any significant need to mark spoilers, but, for example, if you are adding information to an episode page for an early episode, you may wish to limit the amount of spoilers you include for future episodes. Use your best discretion.

In order to provide the best and most complete information for characters and other informational pages, these pages (including background sections) will inherently include spoilers. For example, the audience does not learn of the Kaziri's true nature until season 2, and season 3 features flashbacks to Irisa's past, but we want Irisa's biography to best reflect her entire character's history, so this information will be added to her page even though it would a spoiler for someone watching the first season of the show.


Please provide a reference if you are quoting directly from someone else's writing, as this is copyright law. For any information that is not shown on screen, in the game, or taken directly from Syfy or Trion's official websites, please provide references to where you found the information. This includes cast and crew interviews. Without the reference, other fans will have no way of verifying whether or not the statement is true.

To place a reference link, place the:

<ref> </ref>

directly after the content provided.

Editing Existing Content

If someone has already written a summary for a page, you cannot simply delete that content just because it is not to your liking. Instead, make edits to that content to improve accuracy or provide additional depth. You may also create a subheading underneath the existing content, so that you may add additional information related to the topic, but try not to duplicate what has already been written.

If you feel a page needs more than standard updates and edits, fell free to discuss it in the talk section of that page.

The goal of this wiki is to provide canon information about the game and the show, so all edits should be canon to the best of your knowledge. Do not edit a page to include your personal opinions.


This wiki is not a fanart hosting service - there are better venues for that - so we are not explicitly looking for fan art submissions, but if you do choose to upload fanart for any reason, only upload fanart that you have a) created yourself or b) you have explicit written permission from the creator to upload to this wiki or c) you know the author has released it under a license that allows sharing on this wiki (unless you know for sure that they have released their art under such a license, assume they haven't. Most fan artists do not release their work under such a license). We want to respect fanartists.

If the admin is notified that any fanart has been uploaded without permission, it will be removed.

Video Game Content

Patch Marker

Upon adding information to a page containing information regarding the Video Game, a marker of sorts indicating the version of the Defiance MMORPG should be left somewhere near the content.

For example, on a Vehicle page, in the Notes section, a note regarding a change in the release of a patch should have a marker next to it, such as,

"Update Version 2.6.x: There is now a new option for purchasing this vehicle."


Whether you play the game yourself or not, providing a reference to another legitimate website will backup your statements, and as such, is preferred that you attempt to find a website to backup your claims. 

What it should not be: 

  • Another wiki
  • A forum
  • Anything social/user-edited. 

What it should be: