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The Darby Building was established in St. Louis in 1932, and it is one of the oldest remaining structures found in Defiance aside from the St. Louis Arch.


During season 1, scaffolding can be seen on the outside of the building, and it is removed as construction finishes. When the Earth Republic takes over in season 2, they hang enormous E-Rep banners from the side of the building.

The Darby building is primarily seen throughout the series as the home of the mayor’s office which is located on the upper levels. Outside the office, a Sensoth guard is often posted on the balcony during season 1.

It also serves a number of other official purposes. In season 1, citizens of Defiance cast their vote for mayor in the Darby Building. In season 3, Amanda hosts a party for the Omec in the Darby Building. A memorial service for fallen militia members is also held outside Amanda’s office in the Darby Building during season 3.

The Darby Building also houses the town's armory.[1]

Mayors who have held office in the Darby Building include:


Although the Darby Building has the year 1932 on the front, there is no Darby Building in St. Louis. It appears to be largely based on real buildings from the era such as the Southwestern Bell Building, completed in 1926 or the Continental Life Building, completed in 1930. It more strongly resembles the former. Like most of St. Louis, it has been buried underground. Only the top floors of the former skyscraper remain and have been renovated for use.

The Square[]

The area outside the Darby Building is called “Darby Square” and serves many purposes, including large public gatherings.


  • When Amanda first came to Defiance, she worked as a janitor in the Darby Building before eventually becoming Mayor
  • Only the first floor exterior physically existed on the Defiance town set. The upper floors were added using CGI. If you pay close attention, you can occasionally catch glimpses of the Darby Building without its upper floors in the background of certain outdoor scenes.