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[1][2] Arkfall Codes can be found in various sources. For example, the "VBI Weapons" video has this "fccePO" code hidden in it (Bottom Right Corner).[3][4] Another Arkfall Code, "o2am1s", this one shows up on a Radio Dashboard in the Ark Hunter Chronicles: Episode 2 video.[5][6] An ad for "Badlands Pizza" found on - The phone number is 1-555-lfm6rv - "lfm6rv" is an Arkfall Code [7][8] An ad for Hellbug Extermination found on - The phone number is 1-555-A1aqCa - "A1aqCa" is an Arkfall Code

This page will have a list of all the Arkfall Codes in the game Defiance

RED ALERT: We now have ***ALL 120 Arkfall Codes listed***, and all rewards have been unlocked.. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see all the codes and where they were found.[]

March 27, 2013: New code posted NFQ7PG

March 27, 2013: New code posted 35P72U

March 27, 2013: New code posted 8UNKAD

March 27, 2013: New code posted YRE5SN

March 27, 2013: New code posted HP9X6X

March 27, 2013: New code posted C2VNDF

March 27, 2013: New code posted XQBG4H

March 27, 2013: New code posted 4HT2G9

March 27, 2013: New code posted LYCEHY

March 27, 2013: New code posted 7P8NDC

March 26, 2013: New code posted HUBAZV (See Discussion)

March 26, 2013: New code posted GEPKRJ

March 26, 2013: New code posted Q4DUBL

March 26, 2013: New code posted NC9VYK

March 26, 2013: New code posted TTDGX4

March 26, 2013: New code posted 9C9N87

March 26, 2013: New code posted ZZKJ2G

March 26, 2013: New code posted T76SN6

March 26, 2013: New code posted XWRN9M

March 26, 2013: New code posted 88UPWS

(Rest of codes at bottom of page, scroll down)

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Current code count: 133/120 (Updated: March 26, 2013).

NOTE: Only 120 codes are needed to unlock all the rewards. But they said there are 150 codes out there, so keep entering them all just in case they decide to do something with that like add another reward.

How to Redeem[]

Redeem these ego codes for unique in game titles, inventory slots, in-game items, skills increase, and more! Go to "my ego" to enter the codes:

Best is to copy and paste from the table below. If you enter the code incorrectly, it will give you the error message: "Error: Invalid code attempted."

Each code can be redeemed once per account. If you already redeemed that code, it will say: "Error: You have already redeemed that Arkfall Code."

How to Claim the Ark Hunter Rewards[]


These rewards can be redeemed in the CLAIM section of the Defiance store at launch


If you are a console Ark Hunter, you must link your account when you first start the game to redeem your rewards. Detailed instructions will be printed in the game manual and sent in a follow up instruction at game launch

How to get Arkfall Codes[]

You will get some Arkfall Codes in emails from Trion, however others can be more difficult to find, but fun to look for! Look for them hidden in videos, advertisements for the game, the official website, and other unexpected locations. For example some codes appear only for a second or so in the trailer videos. Another code was found by looking at the source code of the official site.

there appear to be more than the 120 required for the final reward so just keep an eye out (after looking at trionworlds account management it shows the codes names as things like ARK_HUNTER_CODE_155)

When you discover an Arkfall Code that is not on the list below, please add it to the list so that others can use it too!

Arkfall Code Unlocks[]

+2 Inventory Slots[]

Level 1: Beginning Bionetics

Redeem 1 Arkfall Code to unlock

Ingame Title: VBI Recruit[]

Level 2: VBI Basic Training

Redeem 3 Arkfall Codes to unlock

Bonus Ark Salvage[]

Level 3: Post-Arkfall-Geology

Redeem 6 Arkfall Codes to unlock

Basic Lock Box[]

Level 4: Intermediate Bionetics

Redeem 10 Arkfall Codes to unlock

Pistol Skill +1[]

Level 5: Frontier Survival School

Redeem 15 Codes to unlock

Light Machine Gun Skill +1[]

Level 6: Urban Warfare

Redeem 21 Codes to unlock

Manual Sniper Rifle Skill +1[]

Level 7: Markmanship Course

Redeem 28 codes to unlock

Assault Rifle Skill +1[]

Level 8: Military Tactics

Redeem 36 codes to unlock

+4 Inventory Slots[]

Level 9: Advanced Bionetics

Redeem 45 codes to unlock

Pump Shotgun Skill +1[]

Level 10: Munitions Training

Redeem 55 Codes to unlock


Level 11: Weapon Modification

Redeem 66 Ark Fall Codes to unlock

Early Access to the TMW Hannibal 650R[]

Level 12: Vehicle. You could buy for 5,500 scrip. Location: Iron Demon Ranch. Proof attach:

Redeem 78 Ark Fall Codes to unlock


Level 13: Indoor Firing Range

91 Codes

Scavenger Ego Perk[]

Level 14: Increases ammo drop up to 30%

105 Codes

Ingame Title: VBI Operative[]

Level 15: Final Exam and Field Test

120 Codes

Updated Arkfall Codes List[]

Admin Alert: Due to excessive vandalism, this page is now protected and editing is disabled. Please add new codes to the Ark Hunter Codes Discussion Page and an administrator will verify and move them to the Master List.

Thanks for everybody's effort in contributing and maintaining the list of My Ego Codes, and we hope you enjoy your in-game rewards!

Bookmark and check this page often for the latest codes!

Videos referenced can be watched on the DefianceUniverse Youtube Channel:

Official Source for Arkfall Code Discussion

Arkfall Codes List[]

Current Total Codes: 132

Number Code Source Credit
1 E2DFMO Twitch Stream Elrian
2 kbZmVz Red box in teaser "Join the Fight" (0:01) redsolar
3 VO5DHS Red box in teaser "Join the Fight" (0:26) Raedwald
4 6CIBJT Red box in teaser "Join the Fight" (0:27) Raedwald
5 fYkqzX VBI Introduction Video (0:16) ArronacS
6 RpR9Zs VBI Weapons Video (0:12) ArronacS
7 Tfm2iH VBI Weapons Video (0:44) ArronacS
8 fccePO VBI Weapons Video (1:19) ArronacS
9 vpZk7b VBI Recruitment Video (0:37) ArronacS
10 XBNBPE Enemy Intel : The Mutants Video (1:00) WarMad2
11 DKCJK3 Syfy Decoy Trailer Jay_rab
12 CWAPDX Defiance Game Live Action Trailer (near eye) (2:09) Feydakin
13 ETCTFJ An e-mail from Trion Caios
14 TLK9F1 An e-mail from Trion Caios
15 AMY2ZH An e-mail from Trion DJTrig /CapDeadPool
16 WA94BD Newsletter 1/31 Twinkelthumbs
17 PVXDTU Hidden in source code at (use "View Source") Dead_Phoenix
18 9ELBUP From several advertisements to the game. It's not 9EIBUP! SuFR
19 YJuicp From several advertisements to the game Wrix
20 SCsd5t From several advertisements to the game Orionite
21 hvN5yD From an ad on Wrix
22 8MKLUL Amazon Collector's Edition Image (near the "D") Kira Hitomi
23 v2227Q Background at Titchi
24 XCTFGY Background at redsolar
25 TWIK9S Background at FireStar V
26 VGFSW9 Code in Sourcecode of the homepage under Crisstofyr
27 4OSBUA Found through another site BaiorOfRed
28 BJT9iD French community site Cenred
29 LDBAMY Enemy Intel Video: Raiders (1:03) Vigil
30 RQXPGX Twitch Stream Feb 8 Arglaar
31 Z5OP9L Pic on Facebook Defy8574
32 CH8FJB Enemy Intel : The Scrappers Trailer (0:57) HellHunter
33 I71ADU Valentine Picture Midniteryu
34 GBIXKI Live Stream NomadUK
35 GT1P3H Gamestop Ad Khamorus
36 W0UODG "Defiance™ : Arkhunter Chronicles Motion Comic" YouTube video DrNoesis
37 JJD6N5 "Defiance™ : Arkhunter Chronicles Episode 1" YouTube video Dihydrogen Monoxide
38 3Q6VZN "Defiance™ : Arkhunter Chronicles Episode 1" YouTube video Dihydrogen Monoxide
39 mvV8sl Facebook Busdriver
40 vW4LQ0 Facebook Busdriver
41 WKJIXT Enemy Intel : Hell Bugs (0:58) CReaper210
42 U1T8PG Twitch Stream Chaotica
43 CEOzCG Myll_Erik (community manager) gave us it Myll_Erik
44 6zDGAR Myll_Erik (community manager) gave us it Myll_Erik
45 yOt4zA multiplayer trailer (0:17) Clair
46 LQ7WVN Ark hunters chronicles pic, under hooded hunter on right. 0_d4RK_FaLLen
47 7VLERN New Arkfall Chronicle (0:31) Dihydrogen Monoxide
48 o2am1s New Arkfall Chronicle (0:41) Dihydrogen Monoxide
49 J71AAM New Arkfall Chronicle (0:53) Dihydrogen Monoxide
50 IS3KAF Enemy Intel: 99ers (1:05) SuFR
51 htg7bf on collapsed Golden Gate Bridge in official site main page background 0_d4RK_FaLLen
52 PSZ3iE Livestream Superbike32
53 LFM6RV pizza ad Clair
54 UUXTGI terra killa spray bottle Dirasyajx
55 OTIINU Image with Defiance Map of 2046 Dihydrogen Monoxide
56 34TPus Hidden in EGO Calculator egoboy
57 FBwtVC Amazon Xbox360/PS3 box art Agent19 XS
58 6f9kiv Ark Hunter Chronicle (1:05) Dihydrogen Monoxide
59 3wwjkk Ark Hunter Chronicle (1:12) gsmithVE
60 8MOMX2 Ark Hunter Chronicle (0:43) Omega
61 A1aqCa Hellbug extermination ad on Dihydrogen Monoxide
62 JIMOFE Twitch Stream Ferencp
63 2A9WZT Defiance Banner in Email DKShadow
64 KHIBBT Photo on Facebook rajczitko
65 M2BDRP Defiance Facebook Video Eramthgin
66 HMDQRN Defiance Facebook Video TPS1956
67 EXA6RK Livestream at (0:16) TechTroll
68 WOMCCQ hylozoist
69 YW6ZQ8 Ark Hunter Chronicle (1:19) Cyrox
70 LK47XN Ark Hunter Chronicle (0:41) Dihydrogen Monoxide
71 JQ9ZTM Ark Hunter Chronicle Ep. 4 Dihydrogen Monoxide
72 R1T3EB Ares FMF-3000 ad on c_spohr
73 WBIEos Article on Irish
74 JIGR3J Mail from Trion in top banner f4ke
75 RXVI6J Defiance Beta Weekend Article Kendra
76 ISHSQF bottom of email you get when you pre-order Nadar
77 CHUROO Trion Mail (Screenshot) StarKat
78 mewfwy Indogene Overview Dihydrogen Monoxide
79 vmnnre blood ad on ad on durion
80 Dt0chz Lance Twitter @Myll_Erik Busdriver
81 K880P4 Nathan Richardsson Twitter @ennstamatic Nanase
82 RFtrHs Twitter @sledgehammer70 Smitch
83 OiUQQ5 Twitter @DefianceGame MortMort
84 FZY8CB P0tshot/shadowrza
85 53VIZG YouTube ad badsaj/Sage of Death
86 OLXQJ6 Ark Hunter episode 5 at 0:52 on crate Arysse
87 V5WKFT Ark Hunter episode 5 at 1:06 on gun stock Arysse
88 OBWTZL Ark Hunter episode 5 Intro Shot Dihydrogen Monoxide
89 hC1gN0 Castithan Alien Culture Photo Dihydrogen Monoxide
90 ZFR5TA from the GameSpot site PFC88mike
91 D91AQK from the DefianceGames twitter @DefianceGame OV_Havok
92 W72URO "Pre-Order Defiance the Game" video SuFR
93 41US8B IGN Microsite Kennedy
94 YDBF4L Defiance Central Beta Livestream Far_Too_Jones
95 6JOMJO Sujieun Twitch Live Stream Superbike32
96 SZUZSY Destructoid Forums Defy
97 CNABZX Destructoid News Sirisdark, speedy89
98 XT4PMX Liberata Overview NTapple
99 PKYLKN GameStop Ad Graylen
100 8KBMUT "Replay" on ad Slaugrath
101 JBS7QX GameStop Ad Defy
102 TU3RJF Destructoid Image Gallery DeathTrap
103 7BRHNJ Destructoid News Superbike32
104 MEBTWK Destructoid Article Relapse
105 F3LZLK Destructoid Article Maunzul
106 TA6NCJ Destructoid Article ActiveIntersect
107 PTZ4QR Destructoid News Article Cavadus
108 N4S9EK Destructoid News Article Cavadus
109 5X4WJ4 Ark Hunter Chronicles 6 (preview image) Dihydrogen Monoxide
110 UT7DE0 Ark Hunter Chronicles 6 at 1:02 fs23otm
111 6VWFCI Teaser: Welcome to the New Age at 0.05 Choppanob
112 81HABS Ark Hunter Chronicles 6 at 1:10 Arysse
113 HUBAZV Giveaway NeoWolf, f4ke
114 GEPKRJ Giveaway NeoWolf, f4ke
115 Q4DUBL Giveaway NeoWolf, f4ke
116 NC9VYK Giveaway NeoWolf, f4ke
117 TTDGX4 Giveaway NeoWolf, f4ke
118 9C9N87 Giveaway NeoWolf, f4ke
119 ZZKJ2G Giveaway NeoWolf, f4ke
120 T76SN6 Giveaway NeoWolf, f4ke
121 XWRN9M Giveaway NeoWolf, f4ke
122 88UPWS Giveaway NeoWolf, f4ke
123 NFQ7PG giveaway Meynird
124 35P72U giveaway Meynird
125 8UNKAD giveaway Meynird
126 YRE5SN giveaway Meynird
127 HP9X6X giveaway Meynird
128 XQBG4H giveaway Meynird
129 4HT2G9 giveaway Meynird
130 LYCEHY giveaway Meynird
131 7P8NDC giveaway Meynird


C2VNDF giveaway


133 DWAPDX JOIN THE Fight Trailer (2:10) CapDeadPool

Credit to CapDeadPool and