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The story of how Defiance came to be begins three thousand years ago when a secret council of Indogenes built the Kaziri to terraform the Earth. When two Irathients discovered Earth was inhabited, they stopped the Kaziri and it crashed into Earth where it lay dormant underneath the land that would become St. Louis.

After Arkfall in 2030, the city of St. Louis was buried by aggressive terraforming, but not by the Kaziri which was still under St. Louis. The Kaziri's shields protected itself and a portion of the city from total destruction and buried the city underground. Only the Gateway Arch and the tops of a few skyscrapers remained above ground, jutting from a valley surrounded by new-Earth mountains. This secure position drew the allied human and Votan settlers who would found Defiance.

Taking shelter in the exposed skyscrapers, the founders quickly discovered that the surrounding mountains were rich with Votan ore. As word spread, opportunists came flooding to the city, building as fast as they could using any materials they could find.

The town was officially cofounded by Rafe McCawley, Nicolette Riordon, and Hunter Bell in 2037. Nicolette soon became the town's mayor. Referred to as Mayor Nicky, she became an increasingly popular mayor despite some conflicts caused by her attempts to integrate humans and Votans.

Around the Town[]

Defiance is surrounded by a natural “shield wall” of rock that was thrust upward during the terraforming events of 2030. The Bissel Pass is the major point of entry on the west side of town. It’s protected by an alien energy barrier known as a stasis net. Beyond the pass is an untamed region known as the Badlands, where dangerous creatures lurk.

The Gateway Arch became a symbol of the town’s strength and resiliency. Until 2048, the observation deck atop the Gateway Arch was used as an ad-hoc radio station. It served as both entertainment and a place where news and emergency broadcasts were made. As of 2048, emergency broadcasts were made from the mayor's office.

The town's mayor is housed in the Darby Building, one of the St. Louis skyscrapers that remained above the surface. It also serves as the location for important official events in the town, such as elections.

The town’s sheriffs are known as Lawkeepers, and work out of an office near the middle of town. The three tiers of lawkeeprs include chief lawkeeper, lawkeeper, and deputy lawkeeper.

The Hollows are the wrong side of the tracks – a neighborhood for poor Votans and humans who live on the fringes of society. The alleys are dotted with shady businesses and shadier characters.

The NeedWant is the local bar/brothel in Defiance. Originally founded by Hunter Bell, his wife, Kenya Rosewater, took over the business after his death and turned it into a brothel. Residents like to go there for a drink, live entertainment, a game of Ivali (Castithan poker)… or some especially friendly company from the Night Porters, as the NeedWant's sex workers are called.

The town’s major source of income is the gulanite mine owned by Rafe McCawley. The town trades its raw ore for processed fuel, manufactured goods, and scrip (cold hard cash).

Edmund Grove is one of the largest farms on the fringes of town. They specialize in old Earth produce like corn and potatoes, though they do grow a few Votan delicacies, which fetch a good price at market. Edmund Grove sits atop a wooded hill overlooking the town. It's a popular spot for lovers to rendezvous...a nice, quiet place far from prying eyes.

The town's garbage depository is a large pit far east of town known as “The Boneyard.” All manner of junk can be found there – old machinery, rollers, farm & mining equipment.

Old St. Louis[]

When terraforming ravaged St. Louis in 2030, most of the town was “paved over” in a geological upheaval. Portions of the city remain intact, deep underground – a place known as Old St. Louis. Scavengers have picked the remains clean, and few people go there anymore – not only is the way down dangerous, but the memories are just too painful. And the sound of the Mississippi River still running in the darkness creates an eerie atmosphere.

The global Pale Wars interrupted much of the world’s oil production and halted shipments from foreign countries. Much of the nation’s oil, coal, and natural gas reserves went to aiding the war effort, leaving millions without power and heat. EMC policy was to supplant these commandeered fuel sources with nuclear energy, so a nuclear power plant was built in St. Louis in 2025. [1] This Powerplant can be seen in Old St. Louis.

2046 and Beyond[]

After Nicolette Riordon retired due to complications with her health, Amanda Rosewater was appointed mayor of Defiance to finish out her term. She worked to maintain peace with the help of her Lawkeeper, Joshua Nolan, a famed ark hunter and member of the Defiant Few.

Amanda Rosewater lost her bid for reelection in 2046 to Datak Tarr, but Datak killed a high ranking member of the Earth Republic, and the Earth Republic retaliated by ousting him and instating their own provisional mayor, Niles Pottinger.

Niles Pottinger's stint as mayor was brief. When New York, which housed Earth Republic Head Quarters, was destroyed, Pottinger and other members of the Earth Republic left Defiance, and Amanda Rosewater was reinstated as Mayor.

Amanda's first full term as mayor was plagued with hardship. At the start of 2047, over 6,000 people lived in Defiance, but by 2048, the population had decreased to just over 3,000. Many fled when the McCawley mines collapsed, leaving roughly 2,000 humans and 1,000 Votans in Defiance. Many of those who fled were people with skills marketable to the outside world, leaving Defiance particularly vulnerable as it lost soldiers, doctors, engineers, and anyone else with a crucial skill. The once plentiful outdoor markets also moved inside because there was so little to be sold or traded. [2]

Despite the hardships, Mayor Rosewater and Lawkeeper Nolan helped pull the town through both an invasion by a rogue member of the V.C. and an attack by a member of the newly arrived Omec race who defied her father's attempt at peace.

In 2048, the St. Louis Gateway Arch was destroyed by Datak and Stahma Tarr and replaced by a new arch dedicated to Joshua Nolan, marking the second memorial in Defiance dedicated to his actions.


  • The exterior set for the town of Defiance is roughly 190 feet by 300 feet. There are 57 buildings, and most are two stories but some are three. [3]