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People Amanda Rosewater
Joshua Nolan

After the Arkfall, the city of St. Louis was destroyed by aggressive terramorphing. Only the Gateway Arch and the tops of a few skyscrapers remain in the remade landscape, jutting from a valley surrounded by new-Earth mountains. This secure position drew the allied human and Votan settlers who would found Defiance.

Taking shelter in the exposed skyscrapers, the founders quickly discovered that the surrounding mountains were rich with Votan ore. As word spread, opportunists came flooding to the city, building as fast as they could using any materials they could find.

Life is not always (or often) safe under the Arch, and the city faces horrific threats from the outside and within. But human and Votan alike, the people of Defiance stand united to show the world that peace and cooperation are the gateway to civilization’s future. The town has quickly become a symbol of hope in this new frontier.

After Nicolette Riordon retired premature to finishing her term Amanda Rosewater is the mayor of Defiance and tries to maintain peace with the help of her Lawkeeper, Joshua Nolan.

St. Louis

Some parts of the city are still visible from Defiance, above ground including the Gateway Arch and the top of some skyscrapers, however some intact parts of the city including a nuclear power plant and Yewll hideout are located right bellow Rafe McCawley mines.