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This Wikia primarily focuses on the up-to-date information tracking involving the Television Show of Defiance, but it welcomes any information in relation to the Video Game of Defiance. We take pride in our member and guests, alike, that are willing to show forth a positive effort towards adding information, increasing the accuracy of pages (typos, title corrections, etc.), and striving towards creating a unique fan-base for the followers of Defiance.

We also welcome information and active members that are consistent with other fan-base Wikis towards the dedication of Defiance, either as a TV Show or a Video Game. We are not in competition with any other Wikis that may arise as a result of a unique fan-base. 

We offer to help any new guests or members, alike, in the potential learning process of how to properly edit a page, add a reference to newfound information (in order to maintain the accuracy), and any members that wish to one-day become a welcomed Admin of this site.

If you have any further questions, feel free to refer to the top navigation bar, specifically in the sections of "How to Help" or "Community". Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope that your stay is as pleasant and long-lasting as possible!