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Also known by her professional name of Treasure Doll, Deirdre Lamb was a Human resident of Defiance. She was a night porter at the NeedWant and a part-time DJ at Raider Radio (based in the Arch).


During the War, Deirdre's mother worked as a reindeer, a sex worker who snuck onto EMC bases to deliver gifts. She went from base to base, selling herself to soldiers with her daughter in tow.

Then, one night, Deirdre heard a soldier negotiating price. She was excited that the number kept getting higher until she realized that her mother was selling her. She was just 13 years old at the time. That night, as soon as that soldier fell asleep, she bashed him in the head with a big rock and ran. Eventually, she ended up at the NeedWant, where she acted like she was higher class than she was to get a job as a Night Porter.

She took the name "Treasure Doll" when she became a Night Porter, and she decided to keep the name when Alak Tarr hired her as a DJ for the radio. Few people in town know that Deirdre is her real name, since she doesn't like to talk about her past.[1]

Season 2[]

Deirdre believes that if you don't invent yourself, someone else will do it for you. Everything about her personality and look is her "own invention," and she wants to find a rich husband who will treat her like a princess. She believes she will find such a husband because she believes anyone can be anything if they want it bad enough.

In her job as a Night Porter, Datak Tarr is one of her favorite clients because he treats her rough. She also works as a DJ on the radio, where she spends a lot of time with his son, Alak Tarr who has a very different personality than his father.

After the death of her boss, Kenya Rosewater, Deirdre encourages her sister, Amanda Rosewater, to keep the NeedWant open. She says, "I don't have any other family. I need this place, these people." The two then form a friendship.

Deirdre begins flirting with Alak Tarr after she hears about what he did to Skevur and sees it as a turn on. She wants Alak to be rough with her, but Alak insists he isn't like his father. Unlike Datak, Alak does not visit night porters.

One day, Alak's wife, Christie, comes to the arch looking for Alak, but finds Deirdre instead. Christie complains that she never knows where Alak is. Sensing Christie feels lost, Deirdre offers to help her find her mojo again. Christie takes the opportunity to vent to Deirdre about how hard it is living with Castis who treat her like an outsider. Deirdre then introduces her to a club where humans dress up like Castis, and they form a friendship. Christie finds she feels powerful while dressing up like a Castithan, and Deirdre encourages her to continue.

Deirdre lamb1


When Alak finds out Christie has been going to this club, he is offended and turns to Deirdre. Despite having introduced Christie to it in the first place, Deirdre tells Alak that Christie is wrong to be going there, and they end up in bed together. Later, Deirdre excitedly tells Amanda that she found a great new guy, but does not tell Amanda his name.

Not long after the affair begins, Alak tells her that they don't have a future together. He tells her she's a great person with fantastic taste in music, but he loves his wife. She's offended he used her for sex and demands he give her $5000 scrip because if he's going to treat her like a whore, he's going to pay her like one. He gives her the money.

After Alak dumps her, Deirdre cries to Amanda about losing him. She tells Amanda that her lover was going to marry her, and she was going to be his princess, but she still does not tell Amanda his name. Feeling upset that her own former love interest, Nolan, has started sleeping with Berlin, Amanda tells Deirdre to go after the person she wants before its too late, not realizing that the person Deirdre wants is already married or the lengths Deirdre will go to keep him.

Deidre goes to Alak's house to take Christie out. While Christie's getting ready in the other room, Deirdre tells Alak that she is not done fighting for him. Alak's mother, Stahma, overhears the argument and decides that something needs to be done about Deirdre. She talks to her husband about killing her and decides she must do it herself.

Before Stahma gets a chance to kill her, Deirdre takes Christie to the top of the arch and puts a poison in her drink that night porters commonly use to cause miscarriages. Christie smells the poison, starting a fight that ends with Christie throwing Deirdre off the top of the arch.

As Amanda investigates the murder, she pieces together Alak's involvement in Deirdre's life, but Stahma covers up the murder before Amanda can get the full story. Amanda is left to box up Deirdre's things, including a picture of her and Deirdre smiling together at the NeedWant.