Dierdre "Treasure Doll" Lamb
Treasure Doll
Species Human
Gender Female
Relationships Alak Tarr Slept With
Christie McCawley Friend, deceased
Kenya Rosewater Boss (Season 1), deceased
Amanda Rosewater Boss (Season 2)
Health Dead, pushed by Christie McCawley in the top of the Arch (Season 2, episode 11)
Seen "The Cord and the Ax"
Putting the Damage On
This Woman's Work
If You Could See Her Through My Eyes
Slouching Towards Bethlehem
Painted From Memory
Doll Parts
Actor Kristina Pesic

Also known by her professional name of Treasure Doll, Dierdre Lamb was a Human resident of Defiance. She was a 'night porter' at the NeedWant, and a part-time DJ at Raider Radio (based in the Arch).

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