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Dodge Challenger RT black edited
"Fastest roller on the roads of the New Frontier, strong levels of speed, and speed when boosting."

Base Statistics[]

Hit Points: 8400
Damage: 7280
Speed: 35.7
Boost Speed: 33.3
Boost Rate: 0.5
Boost Amount 3.1


  • The Black Dodge Challenger is given to the player after they complete the "Racing Pro" Pursuit .
  • The Orange Dodge Challenger can be bought at the "Hidden Vendor" north-west of the Muir Processing Plant.
  • The Red Dodge Challenger was a pre-order special.
  • All other Dodge Challenger colors must be bought as Special Offers at non-faction supplies vendors across the map.
  • Update: Dodge Challenger Colors; Bright White, Metallic Billet(Silver), & Plum Crazy (Purple) are now accessible to buy from a Special Vendor that only resides in Muir Processing Plant & Shondu's Consulate. The Prices are the same for all which is: 14,500 Scrip and 100 Paradise Rep. (Weekend of May 3–5 Only).