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"Fastest roller on the roads of the New Frontier, strong levels of speed, and speed when boosting."
Dodge Challenger RT High Performance Red

The Dodge Challenger RT High Performance Red, is a roller that you can obtain from a pre-order redeem code. The pre-order code comes with a retail key if you pre-ordered before the official launch of Defiance.

Upon entering the pre-order code in their Trion account, Arkfall hunters are able to claim this vehicle in the Defiance Store menu in-game.

Base Statistics[]

Hit Points: 8400
Damage: 7280
Speed: 36.4
Boost Speed: 33.3
Boost Rate: 0.5
Boost Amount 3.1
  • These rates change as you increase in Roller levels.

Known Colors []

  • Black
  • High Performance Red
  • Bright White
  • Hemi Orange
  • Plum Crazy (Purple)
  • Billet Metallic (Silver)


  • Update: Dodge Challenger Colors; Bright White, Metallic Billet (Silver), and Plum Crazy (Purple) are now accessible to buy from a Special Vendor that only resides in Muir Processing Plant & Shondu's Consulate. The prices are the same for all, which is: 14,500 Scrip and 100 Paradise Reputation (weekend of May 3–5 only).
  • Also, the stats on Challengers have changed from last patch, due to Challengers being more popular.