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"Low durability roller that is heavily based on boost, fastest boost regeneration, and longest boost duration."

The Duni Shetarru is a buggy-style roller that is equipped with an above average boost system than the other 

Duni Shetarru

Bright green version of the Duni Shetarru

rollers in the game.  You will be able to utilize more boosts in return for slower speed and lower vehicular damage (compared to the Dodge Challenger RT ).  However, the statistics of the vehicle increases as you level.

There is a vendor that sells the bright green, blue, red, yellow, and orange variants for 29,000 scrip .  The vendor is located in the Headlands Transit Depot , the location where you first come into contact with Torc.  The other colors are only available by finding them on a special through vendors throughout all of the San Francisco Bay area.

Base Statistics[]

Hit Points: 15623
Damage: 5600
Speed: 28.1
Boost Speed: 29.1
Boost Rate: 0.5
Boost Amount 2.9
  • These rates change as you increase in Roller levels.

Known Colors []

  • Bright Green - Headlands Transit Depot at 29,000 scrip.
  • Pink - Completion of "Rosa's new toy" main quest.
  • Red - Headlands Transit Depot  at 29,000 scrip.
  • Blue - Headlands Transit Depot  at 29,000 scrip.
  • Yellow - Headlands Transit Depot  at 29,000 scrip.
  • Orange - Headlands Transit Depot  at 29,000 scrip.
  • Purple - Headlands Transit Depot As a special (random points in time).
  • Flat Green - Headlands Transit Depot as a special (random points in time).
  • Black -  Special Vendor (usually at one of the three Hidden vendors).
  • White -  Special Vendor (usually at one of the three Hidden vendors).
  • Racer Black/Red - Defiance Store at 560 Bits .
  • Racer Blue/White - Defiance Store at 560 Bits.
  • Racer Green/Black - Defiance Store at 560 Bits.
  • Racer Purple/Pink - Defiance Store at 560 Bits.
  • Racer Yellow/Blue - Defiance Store at 560 Bits.


  • The White Duni Shetarru is found in vendors.
  • The Black Duni Shetarru is a special from vendors.