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The Earth Military Coalition was formed by the world leaders of Earth to deal with the aliens that were en route in the event the aliens proved to be hostile. Although there was initially peace between the Coalition and the Votanis Collective, the Coalition coordinated activities of the Human armies during the Pale Wars. When the wars ran out of steam, in part because soldiers on both sides rebelled against the carnage, the Coalition was quietly disbanded.

Pre-Votan Arrival[]

The Earth Military Coalition (EMC) was a global effort secretly ratified by the U.N. in the year 2000 after governments learned of the impending Votan arrival. For 10 years, the EMC worked on a series of military breakthroughs including the creation of Biomen, genetically engineered super-soldiers. They also created antigravity technology to create stratocarriers. [1]

The EMC quickly went to work stamping out rumors of the impending Votan arrival because they knew it would cause panic and they wanted to have better answers to provide the public when the time came, Unfortunately, it was difficult to come up with better answers until the Votans arrived. [2]

Post Arrival[]

Following the Votans' arrival, Alabama became a center for research as scientists attempted to reverse engineer the advanced alien technology "acquired" by the Earth Military Coalition. The location of these secret labs made sense, since Huntsville had long been home to a number of prominent aerospace companies.[3]

The Pale Wars[]

Shortly after the Pale Wars broke out in 2023, most Earth governments fell into disarray, either due to Votan invasion or civil war. The United States held out longer than others, but eventually collapsed following the catastrophic loss of life during the Siege of Manhattan. The United States ceased to exist in late 2025. As countries fell, they came together under the Earth Military Coalition. [4][5]

The battle of Bloody Kansas was the first decisive human victory of the Pale Wars. The EMC unleashed their Bioman troops on a Votan stronghold northeast of Topeka. The biomen quickly destroyed the Votan defense, slaughtering every man, woman and child in town. Some Castithan religious elders were outraged and formed the Soldiers of the Way, a radical jihadist movement dedicated to wiping out humanity once and for all.[6]

Post ArkFall[]

Billions of lives were lost and entire cities were destroyed during Arkfall. Six months later, the EMC put together a database of missing persons, a difficult task in a post-internet era where people no longer had cell phones. To provide information to the database, people would have to travel to their local EMC outpost. [7]

They offered amnesty to Votan immigrants. They claimed to understand that not every alien is an enemy, but this amnesty involved rounding them up and putting them in relocation camps.[8] Stahma Tarr mentioned that people went hungry, fell ill, and died in these camps. Joshua Nolan took Irisa and went on the run rather than sending her to one of those camps because he knew that children died in those camps, particularly orphaned children with no one to help them.

The EMC attempted to rebuild, particularly searching for people skilled in construction and engineering, but people were growing disillusioned with the war and wanted to look towards a better future. When a group of human and Votan soldiers put down their weapons, the EMC wanted to court marshal them, but the public treated them like heroes and called them the Defiant Few. [9]

In 2031, it became clear that the war was coming to an end, as word of the Battle of Defiance travelled and pacifist movements began to spring up. Human leaders formed the Earth Republic. Viceroy Berto Mercado played a key role in the process of creating the Earth Republic.[10] On April 15th, 2031, Armistice was declared between the Earth Republic and the Votanis Collective. The Earth Military Coalition was officially disbanded. [11]


After the EMC disbanding, many officials, like Galen Marsh and Berto Mercado, moved over to the Earth Republic. Some soldiers, like Joshua Nolan, became ark hunters, searching the wreckage to find valuable items.

One former Earth Military Coalition squad known as the Black Watch started Vegas Prison. Someone named Black Jonah ran the prison for a number of years, until he resigned and took a much more lucrative deal from Echelon, a private military coalition. [12] Echelon enlists players of the game to participate in "Shadow Wars" - player vs. player combat used by Echelon to identify the best of the best.

Von Bach Industries, the largest weapons manufacturer in North America, hired the brightest engineers from both the Earth Military Coalition and the Votanis Collective. They pride themselves on unparalleled quality and house the most advanced research and development lab on the planet. Von Bach Industries is an apolitical organization who doesn't take sides in any conflict. They're happy to sell to anyone, assuming they can pay VBI's exorbitant fees.[13]

Known Members of the EMC[]