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The Earth Republic Army is the sucessor of the Earth Military Coalition and is the actual ground branch of the Earth Republic Armed Forces.


Little is known about the creation of the Earth Republic Army, however it is known that after the end of the Pale Wars, the Earth Military Coalition was disbanded and replaced with the Earth Republic Army as part of the newly created Earth Republic.



E-Rep uses advanced combat armor and sofisticated camouflage as their standard combat gear.


Years of total war and research into Votan tech allowed mankind to make a huge leap in technology. The E-Rep Army seems to use some type of advanced assault rifle as its service rifle, and tend to prefer traditional gunpowder-driven weapons , however, depending on the task at hand, they can use other weapons, such as Votan energy weapons.


The E-Rep employs a new type of vehicle known as rollers which are adapted to Earth harsh environment, however they still operates old equipment such as Trucks and at least one Stryker.

Known E-Rep army personnel[]