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"Uncle Eddie" and Lawkeeper Nolan's Reunion

Eddie Braddock was a Earth Military Coalition soldier, who served together with Joshua Nolan during the Pale Wars. Eddie served loyally until the operation in which Nolan and Irisa met. When he caught Nolan and Irisa leaving, he initially tried to talk Nolan out of it, but when he couldn't, he covered the actions of his friend and stalled the EMC for as long as he could. He spent six years in the EMC prison.

After the war ended he turned to bounty hunting as a means of providing an income. He is first seen tracking down the Castithan weapons designer Pol Madis. When Madis attempts to flee with a unwilling Datak Tarr, Nolan and Eddie, with Irisa and Tommy, track them down. Tarr leaves with Irisa and Tommy, leaving Eddie and Nolan with the Castithan terrorist, Madis. Before Eddie can collect on the bounty with the Earth Republic, Madis gloats about how he's not going to be executed because both the Votanis Collective and the Earth Republic want him to design weapons for them, not to execute him.

Betrayed, Nolan executes Madis on the spot, much to Eddie's chagrin. After a quick fight and an argument, the Earth Republic arrives and demands to know who killed Pol Madis. Eddie takes the fall for it, covering for Nolan once again. Nolan is able to return to Defiance, and Eddie is last seen being escorted to Vegas, an Earth Republic prison.

Earlier in his life he had a run-in with a woman described by Eddie as "crazy" who tried to chop his penis off.