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Elah Bandik is a castithan resident of Defiance. He is married and has two children. He has collected a staggering amount of debt that is owed to Datak Tarr. He tries to make a payment on his debt, when the employee supposed to be making the pickup is late. Datak has his sensoth thug break Elah's hand for daring to approach him on the street. Datak offers to forego the vigo (possibly interest) on all the debt of the people of Defiance on the condition that they fight the Volge and help defend the town "Pilot".

Of course, Elah accepts this offer and attempts to fight the Volge, even though Datak must show him how to hold a gun. Unfortunately, Elah grew increasingly terrified during the midst of the battle. Until finally when their position came under direct fire, he dropped his gun and ran off into the woods - fearing for his life, during and after the battle.

Due to his cowardice, he has disgraced all of the Castithans of Defiance! As a result, in accordance to their religion, he is bound, forced to confess, and slowly tortured, as rocks are added to a basket roped to his arms. This casti cleansing ceremony in which he was to be tortured to death would cleanse his soul, or fesho, allowing it to enter the afterlife, and free his family of the shame of his sins. While it may seem gruesome, he willingly accepts this as his fate so that his family may be free of the burden placed by him. His wife and children must watch the ceremony and must be the first to add rocks to the basket.

Irisa, with her own memories of torture cannot bear to watch this and attempts to free him, leading to the castithan crowd pelting her with rocks. Deputy Tommy Lasalle backs her up and arrests Elah, who has lasped into unconsciousness, on the charge of loitering.

Datak and a band of thugs come to seize Elah, but Mayor Amanda Rosewater decides to use the town charter to pardon Elah of his crimes. Datak seems to accept this, but later he seeks out Elah, who accepts his fate. He does thank Datak for having allowed him the extra time with his wife and children. In the end before Datak slits Elahs throat with his voten blade, he recognizes the fact that in this Elah has demonstrated bravery and honor "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go".

Thus despite being rescued by Irisa and Tommy, later that night, he is found murdered, in front of the Lawkeeper's office. The primary suspect: Datak Tarr. Nolan vows to get Datak eventually, but to disrupt his illegal business activities until then. When Kenya Rosewater is kidnapped, Nolan believes that it is in retaliation for an arms seizure. Datak brazenly brags of his murder of Elah, when he says that he doesn't anonymously kidnap people. He signs his crimes with bodies left on doorsteps.