Defiance Wiki

Enemies in the game range from Hellbugs to Mutants to factions of sentient species. Each having their own region of control, and/or prominence.


These nasty looking critters are existent all throughout the 

current game map.

The currently known variety of hellbugs are:

  • Skitterling
  • Archer
  • Warrior
  • Matriarch
  • Hive
  • Monarch
  • Hellion


The Mutants are the remnants of the Earth Military Coalition, or E.M.C. for short. These mutants were created during the terraforming process, that ended the battle of defiance. The mutants shoot down the stratocarrier the player is riding in, due to a belief that the carrier was invading their planet. Following their last order to protect the planet from the invading alien threat (seeing mutants as humans and humans/votans as aliens). They're all humanoid, so their Crit Spot is the head.

The currently known variety of mutants are: 

  • Rifleman
  • Shotgunner
  • Cleaver
  • Grenadier (Mutated Biomen)
  • Minigunner (Mutated Biomen)
  • Sniper


Raiders terrorize  the farms and other settlements of Madera, Marin, and Sausalito, and are a constant threat to Iron Demon Ranch. They're all humanoid so the Crit Spot is the head.

The currently known variety of Raiders are:

  • Blitzer
  • Rioter
  • Blaster
  • Tanker


99ers are a group of miners who have undergone extensive cybernetic augmentation to improve productivity in the mines and from which, have developed a belief that a being is not whole unless they become "one" with metal.

The currently known variety of 99ers are:

  • Mattock
  • Smelter
  • Goldrusher
  • Blacklung
  • Probe (suicide bomber and shield repair)


Scrappers are artificial lifeforms that were created during the terraforming event and not much is known about how exactly they came into existence. For the most part their Crit Spot is the main front glowing "eye".

The currently know variety of Scrappers are:

  • Mongrel
  • Omnivolt
  • Sentry
  • Forge
  • Progenitor

Dark Matter[]

Dark Matter is a militant group of Votans who are under the command of Nim Shondu and believe they have been betrayed by both Votans and Humans alike. Seeking to cleanse the planet so that only Dark Matter are in control.

The currently known variety of Dark Matter are:

  • Enforcer
  • Sniper
  • Monitor
  • Bulwark (bipedal sentry mechs). Crit Spot: The front face of the side missle racks when they are open.
  • Monolith (quadriped behemoth sentry mechs)