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Europe is a place on the east Eurasian continent. the Arkfall and the terraformation caused by it created massive changes by modifying the topography and the environment. Now Europe has various ecosystems.

In France, one entire Ark crash into the country releasing all of his cryogenic capacity freezing the country and parts of Switzerland and Italy into ice. The Artifical Intelligence of the ship managed to enslave the population but a resistance group has formed, in hope of being free again. the ice age caused by this crash ark will not last, in some years all of the energy from the ship will be used and the ice will slowly melt away.

The United Kingdom survived the environmental change (but not geological) and it now has an authoritarian government that policies the population. They have been trying to survive on their own ever since. Due to its strategic position, they managed to keep Votans from coming to the island. But there are Votans all over the globe due to Arkfall and a majority of humans has fought the Votans during Pale Wars. That includes many countries all over the world.

In Germany, a piece of ark which transports many vegetation sample crashed and the country was recovering from jungle forest with very dangerous animals and plants (like carnivorous plants). The old castle meet modern buildings, but the population is ruled by warlords. It's like Pale Wars never ended here.

The population of Russia, Turkey and Caucasus region has been decimated and gone into hiding after their governments collapsed. They are barely hanging on, Turkey is governed by a new government and is trying to adapt to the change of ecosystem as well for the mutated animals. Russia's decimated population is holding on, but the ecosystem of Siberia has worsened until a point where it is completely uninhabitable. European side of Russia is now filled with the jungle forest due to the Arkfall that crashed down into Germany. They have survived thanks to the combat performance of their armies during the Pale Wars.

Australia, its inhabitants left due to the Pale Wars and terraformations, its ecosystem and some of its landscapes are changed. Therefore it is now uninhabitated and is to be colonized in future once again.