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Frei Poole is a sergeant who arrived in Defiance during the Earth Republic occupation during season 2. He stayed in Defiance after the Earth Republic left, becoming Deputy to Jessica "Berlin" Rainer in season 3.

Season 2[]

In one of Berlin's propaganda films, she tries to get a good quote from Poole as he stands guard outside the Stasis Nets. At first he doesn't impress her because he uses unprofessional words like "awesome," but then he says, "Anyone or anything comes down that pass, they gotta deal with us, me and my brothers and sisters in blue. We're ready to lay down our lives to defend this town." This impresses Berlin and she gets the footage she needs.

During his free time, he and his friends at the Earth Republic gamble on some kind of match where Cedars competed. He takes his winnings from them.

After Deirdre “Treasure Doll” Lamb is murdered, he shows Deirdre's body to Amanda to identify her. When Amanda takes over the investigation into Deirdre's murder, Poole works with Berlin to fortify the arch and collect clues to her murder.

Season 3[]

During season 3, he has a boyfriend who is a big fan of The Amazing Goddess of the Badlands, the novel written based on Irisa's life. He is also one of the few who stayed in Defiance following the Earth Republic’s departure. He is now working as a Deputy Lawkeeper.


  • The actor who played Poole appeared in 13 episodes as Frei Poole, but also played Amanda's assistant, Ben Daris, in two episodes during season 1