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Garret Clancy is the local Lawkeeper of the town Defiance. He is a veteran of the Pale Wars, having fought with the "Yellow Jackets", until the end of the war. He is close to many of the town leaders: Amanda reminds him of how many years they have known each other, when she asks him to call her by her first name, and Rafe tells him that he loves him like a brother. He is the Lawkeeper that had placed a shipping container on top of the Lawkeeper building and converted it to an apartment, due to "always being on the job."



Joshua "Jeb" Nolan and Irisa are in the forest, outside of Defiance, when, as they are escaping the Arkfall wreckage and the Spirit Riders, they are surrounded by a pack of Saberwolves. Garret arrives just in time to shoot the beasts and save their lives. He then brings them to Defiance.

Nolan and Clancy share mutual respect for each other as war veterans, Clancy escorts him to the mayor's office.

Clancy begins investigating Luke's murder, and when information that Luke was threatened by Alak is revealed, Clancy is charged by Amanda to find Alak first, before Rafe can take justice into his own hands. He brings Christie McCawley to the NeedWant to confront her father, as Rafe is seeking revenge on Alak Tarr, who he wrongly believes killed Luke McCawley. Christie's confession that Alak is innocent, because they were together that night, enrages Rafe, and he attacks Alak. During the ensuing fight, Garret is accidentally shot and killed by one of Rafe's men.

Deputy Tommy Lasalle tells Irisa that he was on a bad path when Clancy saw something in him and saved him by giving him a job and a second chance.

"The Bride Wore Black"[]

Tommy recalls the events of the past, when Hunter Bell brought the illiterate, young card hustler to Clancy's attention, and asked him to give Tommy a job and a place to sleep. When Clancy asks if Tommy minds cleaning toilets, Hunter says that he can't get enough.

When Hunter disappeared seven years ago, Clancy had believed that he had left town to avoid his many enemies, as the only evidence otherwise is a single drop of blood found on the floor of the NeedWant.