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Defiance and the gulanee by zeustoves-d7t2ybq

Full view of the suit

The Gulanee are the most “alien” of all the Votan species. Though many believe they’re just big balls of light, this is far from the truth. They wear carefully crafted encapsulation suits that are difficult to build and maintain. A Gulanee outside of his encapsulation suit can’t survive for more than a few hours before his body dissipates.

The Gulanee are a mystery to everyone, including other Votans. In fact, the other species weren’t even aware of their existence until learning that their star system was doomed. The Indogenes sent an expedition to the planet Gula, looking for a suitable energy source to power their Ark fleet. There they discovered the Gulanee and tried to establish contact. The Gulanee formed a pact with the Votanis Collective, agreeing to harvest gulanite, a precious fuel source found on their planet, in exchange for allowing a portion of the Gulanee population to accompany the Arks to Earth. Most of their people stayed behind, confident they would somehow endure the destruction. With such a small contingent included aboard the Arks, it is a rare thing to encounter a Gulanee in the New Frontier.

The Gulanee are exceptional combatants, when wearing their suits. Wielding weapons of pure energy they can easily dispatch hordes of foes with ease being only mildly distracted by gunfire. However they are unable to survive outside their suits in earths atmosphere and so are vulnerable if stunned.[1]


Gulanee in power suit

Because the Gulanee are creatures of pure energy, they have no sex or gender. Indogenes built the Gulanee battle suits so they could roam around Earth freely, and the addition of gender specific details to the battle suits are considered to be a sign of the Indogenes’ sense of humor[2]