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Gulanite is a valuable ore that was originally found on one of the planets of the Votanis System. The extreme pressure at the center of the gas giant Gula compressed a number of elements into diamond-like crystals – gulanite. When Arkfall sent the wreckage of the alien fleet crashing to Earth, large quantities of gulanite were embedded into the planet’s crust.

Gulanite has become a staple in the new frontier, since everyone has a use for it. The Votanis Collective needs it to power their Vo-tech while human nations like the Earth Republic have created new hybrid engines that also use this more efficient fuel source. Frontier settlers can strike it rich if they discover a large vein of the stuff, or if they stumble upon a particularly lucrative arkfall. But refining gulanite requires advanced Votan technology, forcing mining towns to trade their raw ore for processed fuel.

Gulanite can be processed into a variety of powerful, clean-burning fuels, including the ubiquitous petrohol – a staple fuel for rollers and runners. Some of these methods require extremely advanced technology, while others give off enough pollution to offset the benefits of the resulting clean-burning product. Gulanite is a bright blue crystal, which gives off a soft glow. Gulanite caverns are instantly recognizable, and are known for their beauty. [1]