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This page is a redirect page for newcomers and previous visitors, alike, to ensure that everyone can participate in helpful activities around the wikia!


If you're familiar with the editing of this specific Wikia, then it would go a long way if you help newcomers to this wikia understand how pages should be organized, how information should be added, which information should be provided with a reference link, etc. 

To do so, you can view the Wiki Activity page to see who has performed a recent edit or who has edited their profile page. You can also view the All Users page to see if any users would be interested in coming back to the community.

Adding Information

Whether you're familiar or unfamiliar with the editing etique of this wikia, you can always contribute towards the adding of information, correction of typos, or anything else that you can think of!

Adding Episode Information

A good way to start is by adding newfound information to the individual episodes of this Wikia. 

To do so, visit the Category Page for this, the Season One or Season Two pages, or any other pages that you may find relevant to this topic.

If you have any questions regarding the etique of the editing of Episode pages, please view this link:,_Rules,_and_Restrictions#Episode_Page_Content.

Adding Video Game Information

Another useful direction would be to add information relevant towards the Video Game pages of this wikia. It is preferred that you have experience with this in-game, by actually playing the game, but it is not necessary, as there are many legitimate sources from other websites that could be used, such as, 

If you would like to add any relevant information or the update the existing information for the Video Game sections, then do so by visiting the Category Page for this, the Main Page , or the Characters individual pages.

If you have any questions regarding the etique of the editing of Video Game pages, please view this link:,_Rules,_and_Restrictions#Video_Game_Content.

Article Stubs

Article Stubs is a great way to let others know that a page doesn't have the full amount of information about a particular topic, character, or episode, and is a great and innovative way to allow newcomers to see if there's anything that they can add.

View the Article Stubs page for information on how to add the stubs-link to individual pages or to view individual pages that need more information.