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Hunter Bell was the former husband of Kenya Rosewater. He owned the NeedWant when it was a hotel and tavern. He was abusive to Kenya, and Amanda Rosewater advised Kenya to leave him. She denied being in love with him.

He disappeared seven years before the events of Defiance, and it was believed that he had fled his numerous enemies.

"Brothers in Arms"[]

Kenya seeks Amanda's advice, as her involvement with Nolan is interferring with her work.  Amanda believes that Kenya is falling in love for the first time since Hunter and is scared. Amanda tries to tell her that, despite being a cocky pain in the ass, Nolan is a good guy and is not like Hunter Bell, but Kenya becomes emotional and vulnerable and tells her to stop.

"The Bride Wore Black"[]

During a fight in the NeedWant, a hole is made in the wall, and the bones of a body are discovered. There is a triangular shaped puncture in the skull, indicating that he was murdered. Deputy Tommy Lasalle identifies the body as being that of Hunter by his large diamond ring and "HB" belt buckle. He tells Nolan how Hunter was the one who got Lawkeeper Garret Clancy to give him a job, after finding Tommy attempting to hustle a poker table in the NeedWant.

Datak Tarr had wanted to kill Tommy, but Hunter had made him back down. Datak worked for Hunter running the fighting club. As he does all the work, he wants Hunter to enter into a partnership. Hunter reminds Datak that his money paid to build the place, and that before that Datak had been running his fights in alleys. The argument progresses until Hunter challenges Datak to an unarmed fight. Hunter cheats and is going to kill Datak, until Rafe McCawley  intervenes. Rafe also has reason to dislike Hunter, as he has been making moves toward taking control of the mines.

After Kenya reported her husband missing, Tommy searched the bar, but found only a single drop of blood, which was not enough to prove foulplay.

Amanda and Kenya both lie to Nolan about Hunter's abuse of Kenya, though Amanda does say that he was a bully. Nolan strongly considers them both as suspects in Hunter's murder.

It is revealed that Hunter was killed by former Mayor Nicolette Riordon, after he walked in on her medical examination and accidentally discovered that she was an Indogene made to look human. The murder took place in the NeedWant which was undergoing renovations. Hunter had been attempting to blackmail Mayor Nicky, in exchange for keeping her secret. She struck him with her cane.The murder was witnessed by Doctor Meh Yewll and Jared the bartender, who kept the secret and helped by putting the body into the wall.

After Nicky kills Jared to protect the secret, Yewll gives her a lethal injection, but makes her death appear to be suicide. The suicide note confesses to the murder of Hunter Bell.