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"I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" is the eighth episode of Season One of Defiance and the eighth episode overall. It first aired on Jun 10th, 2013 on Syfy.


An American astronaut who has been in hypersleep for the past several decades is found, which leads to even more shocking revelations about the war. Amanda gets a tempting offer – and a chance to rekindle a past romance.

Syfy's Fun Facts[2]

  • "Usually we rehearse a walk and talk scene by 'back timing' the dialogue so the actors end the dialogue at the right spot, geographicaly. But [in the case of the sand dune scene] that would have left footprints in the dunes and we had neither time, inclination nor equipment for scrubbing tracks. So we had to put our money on one take. I was amazed at how Grant [Nolan] and Dewshane [Tommy] came up over the dune and timed the dialogue right to the camera, perfectly." - Allan Kroeker, Director.
  • The United States ceased to exist in late 2025. Shortly after the Pale Wars broke out in 2023, most Earth governments fell into disarray, either due to Votan invasion or civil war. The United States held out longer than others, but eventually collapsed following the catastophic loss of life during the Siege of Manhattan.
  • A "territorial governorship" is one of the highest non-elected political positions in the Earth Republic. Territorial governors only report to representatives of the General Assembly, such as Connor himself.
  • As Amanda and Nolan mentioned, reliable air travel doesn't exist in the world of Defiance. Radiation is deadly even at low altitudes. Debris from falling arks and Razor Rain makes navigation nearly impossible. A few low altitude helicopters (such as the VA-10B Gargoyle) can be found in the video game, dropping troop reinfocements into the Bay Area.
  • The Lawkeeper Charger runs on standard petrohol with an octane rating of 140, which is the optimum "high test" burning medium for the hybrid turbine. 70 liters of patrogol delivers a 900 kilometer range with a peak horsepower of 370. It's 4-wheel drive and capable of sustained climbing a 50 degree sand bank with its present configuration. In the video game, players can drive a Dodge Challenger, which is the fastest vehicle in the game!
  • Spitting on one's own hands to clean them is considered a bit coarse by Earth standards, but those don't apply to Castithans. In Casti culture, those of higher liros are culturally superior to those of lower ones. Shanje liro saliva is considered cleaner than alien germs.
  • "We needed [the astronaut] to be inside a sack and to be covered in goo and be suspended up in the air. So we hung the sack and put the goo in and then lowered him into it. We had warmed the goo up so that he wouldn't be shivering.  Originally it was thought that the fluid he was liying in would be golden. As I started to mix up my first five gallons, we realized it looked like pee. I showed the others and quickly realized that we would have to go with another color. Blue was decided." -Marcus Rait, Special Effects Coordinator.
  • Following the Votans' arrival, Alabama became a center for research as scientists attempted to reverse engineer the advanced alien technology "acquired" by the Earth Military Coalition. The location of these secret labs made sense, since Huntsville had long been home to a number of prominent aerospace companies. In fact, a statue of Gordon McClintock still stands at the University of Alabama in 2046.
  • Thawandayo is a word for the lowest rung of Castithan society. Not considered a true cast, the thawandayo is reserved for criminals, outcasts and rebels. A member of the thawandayo is often referred to as a yafyo in everyday language. To describe something as being of or related to the thawandayo, the adjective is yavi - which is the adjective Datak uses to describe Tirra's knuckles.
  • Connor mentioned that the Votanis Collective is about to sign a "major strategic alliance." But the question is, with whom? THe VC already controls territory in Central and South America, and their borders push further north every year. There are many independent city-states across the country, but none large enough to pose a threat to the Earth Republic. Of course, if the Votanis Collective is trying to sign a deal with the Great Trading Houses hat run Calexico and Yuma - endpoint of the proposed Maglev train- that could become a problem for the Earth Republic.
  • Space Station Bravery was an effort by the world's space agencies to build a successor to the original International Space Station. Sadly, in January of 2013 - just three months before the Votans' arrival - a critical fault was discovered in the main thruster array. The engine assembly exploded and all contact with Bravery was lost.
  • The public's appetite for stories about aliens and space travel diminished quickly after first contact was made with the Votans. Initially, people were wild to learn anything they could about these new alien guests, but the simmering conflicts that arose made people realize co-existence wasn't all it's cracked up to be.
  • Back in 2013, as the Votan fleet neared our solar system, the artificial intelligence that governed the Arks (the ark-brains) awoke the aliens in hypersleep. They were stunned to learn Planet Earth was inhabitated. To learn more about humans, the leaders of the Votanis Collective convened. Indo-sapiens were an attempt by the Votans to create the perfect reconnaissance tool. After a series of failed experiments, the project was deemed a failure and the Votants decided it was best to simply announce their presence to the world.
  • Charlie Rivers travelled from California (site of the Defiance game). A plague has broken out in the game - and Charlie brought it to Defiance!


  • The Vampire/Werewolf movie starring Robert Pattinson referenced in this episode is called: "Twilight."


  • This episode reveals that the International Space Station Bravery was destroyed by the Votans, who did a reconnaissance of Earth studying humans, prior to their official arrival. It was an incident witnessed by most of Earth's population, through the media.
  • Air travel has been largely abandoned as a means of transportation due to dangerous levels of radiation and debris existing at altitudes exceeding 400 feet. Space exploration has been completely abandoned, for obvious reasons.
  • Movies were apparently still being made between the arrival of the Votans and the Pale Wars, since Rob Pattinson is mentioned to have starred in a movie about the destruction of the I.S.S., in the role of Gordon McClintock.
  • Doc Yewell's unsavory past, previously alluded to in "Brothers in Arms", is partially revealed.
  • Stahma Tarr and Kenya Rosewater continue their liaison. Stahma has decided to make the relationship a business one and pays Kenya for their time.
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