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"If I Ever Leave This World Alive" is the ninth episode of Season One of Defiance and the ninth episode overall. It is scheduled to air on June 17th, 2013 on Syfy.


A plague affecting only humans strikes Defiance, which Datak takes advantage of. Quentin questions Nicky about what really happened to his mother.

Syfy's Fun Facts [2]

  • Amanda left New York when she was only 14 years old, after the Siege of Manhattan in 2025. Soon after, the US government collapsed and NYC remained in Votan control for several years, until it was retaken by the Earth Military Coalition. Amanda returned then, in 2031. After 3 years in NYC with Connor, Amanda left town with her sister Kenya
    • Note: Future episodes show Amanda arrived in Defiance around 2037 rather than 2034. Although the way this trivia item is written suggests Amanda was only in New York for three years, all that's said in canon is that she was with Connor for three years. Most likely, there was a relatively significant amount of time between her arrival in New York and the start of her relationship with Connor, allowing them to be together for three years and for her to arrive in Defiance in 2037, not long after that relationship ended.
  • Skeuver is a total sleazeball for taking advantage of the desperate citizens by selling them surgical masks - especially after Alak warned everyone they are useless in combatting the plague. Skeuver has a sordid history in Defiance. He was the erstwhile lover of Ulysses, Datak's Bioman. He does odd jobs for Datak, employing his skinning knives to extract information from tight-lipped clients.
  • The Earth Republic isn't entirely crazy for setting up a quarantine around the town. This illness has spread from California to Missouri in a matter of days. With a large portion of North America's population concentrated in Columbia (the 2046 name for the Northeast surrounding NYC), one wrong move could cost millions of lives.
  • We finally get a name for the mysterious object Nicky's been lusting after. It's called the Kaziri. It's name - and that it's worth committing mass genocide for - are the only things we know about it at this point.
  • The progression of the "Irathient Flu" is:
    • 1. Fever like symptoms, sweating, high temperatures
    • 2. Extreme paleness and sunken features, darkening around the eyes
    • 3. Death is imminent; blood exits the body from the mouth, nose, ears and fianlly the eyes.
  • There's nothing more shameful to a Castithan than being forced to beg for one's life, especially by a woman, let alone an Irathient.
  • The "strategic alliance" that Nolan referred to has everything to do with the gulanite in Defiance. The town is sitting on one of the largest fuel sources in North America, as gulanite powers most technologies. The Earth Republic is also in the process of building a cross country maglev. A project of this scale requires massive resources, hence why they are so interested in Defiance (and Ambassador Tennety was willing to murder for it in Episode 5).
  • Did you catch how Stahma was mouthing the words to Datak's "I'm running for Mayor" speech while he gave it. Hmmm....wonder who really wrote it?
  • Yewll sent her friend Erin NiDen a "text relay." It's like a message in a bottle: You send out a text message on a wide-band radio frequency. Repeaters across the country bounce around the signal until it reaches its destination. Depending on atmospheric conditions and radiation, this process can take days, weeks or even months. Yewll just got lucky.
  • In the week leading up to the broadcast, game players have been working with the Indogene scientist Eren NiDen to formulate a cure for the plague. Players assaulted an abandoned military base that housed an old world ICHM, loaded the cure pallets onto the rocket and launched it toward the town of Defiance. We saw that the pallets made it and were brought to town by Nolan and Connor.
  • Parts of the Bay Area were hit with an even nastier form of the virus that resulted in patients with aggressive behavior, known as "The Afflicted." Players had to fight their way through these violent civilians to reach the launch control room, where Eren reprogrammed the computers for the ICBM's flight to Defiance.
  • The great diaspora was a conflict between Irathients and Castithans almost a thousand years before the exodus to Earth. Castithan raiding parties descended on planet Irath to enslave large numbers of Sensoths. The Irathients rose up on behalf of the Sensoths. Unfortunately, their primitive technology was no match for the Castithans. It's a rift between the races that many believe will never heal.
  • Here's an example of English dialogue that had to be "reconceived" for translation into Irathient.:
    • Irisa: l-la she-zu-haak-tu-he Sular. Thaa-za the-zei-gi.
    • English: You'll live. How is Sukar?
    • Literal: You will survive. Sukar is what kind of color?
  • Castithan hell is a gigantic crater divided into three parts. The lowest hell is reserved for outcasts, criminals and rebels. The second level is a short rim around the bowl, reserved for those who have disgraced their liro and who did not perform a cleansing ceremony. The final level of hell is the upper ledge, reserved for those of the highest liro. Here, residents are permitted to look out over the living world without interacting with it.

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