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This article summarizes the storyline of in-game content that is released every 1 or 2 weeks.

Warning: Spoiler Alert[]

Joshua Nolan & Irisa Nyira introduce themselves to you during an Ark fall.

Episode 1[]

You again meet them outside a tavern, looking to make some scrip. Inside the tavern you three meet a merchant (Varus Soleptor) who wants to hire Ark Hunters to get back a precious Gem (Libera Nova Gem) he claims to be stolen from him. He offers 90,000 scrip, each, for the Gem. Nolan feels the situation weird and believes the gem was never Varus's to begin with.

They meet with lawkeeper Jon Cooper to find out possible locations the gem could be hidden. Cooper advises them to be wary of Varus Soleptor, and tells you to watch their back.

You ultimately find the place, go in with them, kill bandits, Joshua Nolan gets the gem, you three get out. Irisa Nyira advices to split up. When you get to the tavern, Varus Soleptor says the other two have betrayed him, and you will get their share of scrip, if you can bring him the gem.

After searching, you find Irisa Nyira who pulls a knife at your throat, saying Nolan has the gem. But just then Nolan shouts, and Irisa runs towards him, sheathing the knife.

You rescue Nolan and Irisa, by killing the bandits, as requested by Cooper. Nolan presents you his rifle, and leaves the gem container with you. Opening the gem box, you find it empty.

Episode 2[]

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