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The Indogenes were created by the Omec for the purpose of creating an alternate food source after "The War of Six" which denied them of their usual sources of food and slaves (the other Votan species). Unfortunately for the Omec, the Indogenes fled their world and found shelter on the Castithan planet. It is unknown how they fled the Omec's world or how they were welcomed by the Castithan, but from this moment on the Indogenes and Castithans shared the same planet: Daribo, in their home star system.



The Indogenes are a technical-minded race who augment their bodies with a variety of cybernetic implants. They tend to be slender, bald, with geometrically-patterned skin of a solid color (most often pure white). Indogene implants are specifically designed for their chosen profession. They value science and knowledge above all else, and have invented most of the technology used by the other alien races.

Since most Indogenes remained working aboard the Arks in orbit, they are the numerically smallest of the Votan species on Earth, although there are still enough of them that seeing one is not much of a surprise.


Indogene Language and Culture

Indogenes are incredibly hard workers, sometimes to the point of obsession. Their feeling is that if you’re awake, you should be doing something productive. An Indogene’s role is assigned to them after their childhood education and a series of extensive tests and capability reviews. Indogene civilization is built around the idea that every person has one primary role to perform that serves their race. To serve is to live.

Indojisnen is the language of the Indogenes. It's a polysynthetic language, which means that what may be expressed with five or six words in English can be expressed with a single word in Indojisnen. Indojisnen is normally only spoken amongst Indogenes. A variety of implants allow Indogenes to learn foreign languages more quickly than their Votan peers, meaning they can slip into just about any language with ease—and without a trace of accent. Indogenes are given a short name at birth. Later in life they receive a longer last name that is dependent on their implants and professions.

Because of their belief in science, Indogenes are usually atheists. When they die, their bodies are cremated.


Indogene Relationships

Indogenes usually get along with members of all the Votan species. They do, however, find Humans to be brash and are less comfortable with them.

The Indogenes' relationship with Castithans is more tense, because both species believe themselves to be superior. However, their differences usually manifest as little more than petty bickering as opposed to all-out conflict.


  • According to Production Designer Steve Geaghan, "After several attempts, Marcus Rait (our Special Effects Coordinator) found a non-metallic cake decorating product that fit the bill" for creating silver Indogene blood.[2]