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Indojisnen is a language spoken by the Indogenes.


Labial Alveolar Postalveolar/Palatal Guttural
Nasal m n ɲ(ny) ŋ(ng)
Plosive/Affricate p, b t, d tʃ(ch), dʒ(j) k, g
Fricative f, v s, z ʃ(sh), ʒ(zh) h
Approximant ɾ(r) j(y)
Lateral approximant l ʎ(ly)
Front Back
High i u
High-mid e o(ow)
Low-mid ɛ(e) ɔ(o)
Low ɑ(a)

The only diphthongs allowed are non-high vowels followed by high-vowels.


The syllable structure seems to be (C)V(C). Words can end with a vowel or t, k, and n, but syllables can end with more consonants than just them. Stress is almost uniformly on the first syllable of a word in Indojisnen. The only time where stress is on the second syllable of a word is when the first syllable is short and the second is heavy (either because it has a diphthong or a non-final coda consonant).

Writing system[]

The language uses a featural syllabary called Hazugimari.


Indojisnen is polystnthetic.


Indojisnen uses a base-7, or septenary numeral system.