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Irathient, indigenously called Thwelu l'Irathi, is a language spoken by the Irathients.

Real-world Context[]

The language is created for Defiance by David J. Peterson, like the many other languages heard in the series.


Labial Dental Alveolar Postalveolar/Palatal Guttural
Nasal m n ɲ(ny) ŋ(ng)
Plosive p, b t, d ɟ(gy) k, g
Fricative f, v θ(th) s, z ʃ h
Rhotic r
Approximant l

The /gy/ diagraph could also represent [j].

Front non-Front
High i u
High-Mid e(ei) o
Mid ɛ(e) ə
Low a

The only diagraph in Irathient is [ai], and there is a system of vowel harmony.


The syllable structure seems to be (C)(C)V(C)(C). Stress is almost always on the second-to-last syllable. When it isn’t, a schwa is usually involved. Stress can’t appear on ǝ, and, if there’s space, also can’t appear on the syllable before ǝ.

Writing System[]

The language uses an abugida called Izra.


Irathient is head-marking, uses VSO word order, 18 noun classes, Afrihili-inspired plurals, light verbs, inalienable possession, and a pertensive.

Number System[]

Irathient is one of the many languages that use a vigesimal, or base-20 number system.