Gender Unknown
Seen Season 1
Season 2
Mentioned Season 1
Season 2
Actor Katie Douglas as Young Irisa/Irzu

Irzu is a divinity in the Irathient religion, most likely the god of fate, as he is responsible for setting Irathients on the correct path. He is either the head of the Irathient pantheon, or the figure closest to the Irathient race (compare to Greek mythology where Zeus was the head, but Athena and Hermes were closer to humanity). Sukar was a devout follower of Irzu, and continually advised his foster daughter Rynn and student Irisa to follow Irzu's path. When Sukar was killed and then restored to life by nanites, it was initially assumed to be divine intervention on Irzu's part.

When she entered the L-7 mine, Irisa encountered a vision of herself as a child, who claimed to be Irzu, and advised her it was time to embrace the destiny he laid out for her. He also confirmed that becoming the prophesied Angel of Death would give Irisa the power to bring Nolan back to life. The true nature of this "Irzu" (a hallucination, a psionic interface with the kaziri, or a god in disguise) is unknown. 

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