Defiance Wiki
April 2046

VBI is one of the Many Companies

 There are many different items in this game. In this wiki we will try and provide many of those different items, and post as many pictures of them as we are able to either find or take ourselves. Links to pages are within the headings and will direct you to page you wish to view.


Here is where all the Weapons in the game will be listed. Weapons differentiate between many classes such as: SMG, LMG, Infectors,Detenators( Gernade Launchers), Etc. The game also includes Different Companies for Manufacturers of the Weapon, like: Von Bach, Votan, Etc.


Here is where all the Vehicles in the game will be listed. There are many different types of vehicles in-game, like the awesome Dodge Challenger RT or maybe if you like ATVs, there also is the TMW Hannibals. 


Here is where all the Outfits in the game will be listed. there are a bunch of different types of awesome outfits. They come in a set of Two: Head & Body. You can mix and match all of the different outfits and possibly make thousands of combinations.