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Jalina is a handmaiden in the Tarr household who was bonded to the family at a young age.


The Tarrs purchased Jalina from her parents when she was just seven years old. She formed a friendship with their son, Alak. Jalina was an imaginative child who would put on puppet shows with Alak based on stories from the Castithan holy scrolls.

She owned one piece of jewelry, a bracelet Datak gave to her. She said it sparkled like Sulos, one of the twin stars of her home world's solar system.

Season 2[]

She discovered that Christie was wearing white makeup to pretend to be a Castithan, but she promised not to tell anyone.

During Datak's separation from Stahma, Jalina visited him in his shipping container apartment where she slept with him. When they were together, he had her pretend to be Stahma.

She was murdered by Otto Scheck, who used her eyes to create contact lenses. On the night she died, she came running to Datak's door looking for help, but he drunkenly slept through her cries. She was found dead on his doorstep, and Datak enlisted Rafe McCawley to help him hide the body.