Jered Kikema
Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 10.33.52
Species Liberata
Gender Male
Relationships Kenya Rosewater (boss), deceased
Health Deceased: murdered by Nicolette Riordon.
Seen "A Well Respected Man"
Actor Jessica Nichols

Jered Kikema was a Liberata bartender at the NeedWant bar and brothel. He is notable for being the first one to report Kenya's disappearance to Nolan.

"A Well Respected Man"Edit

Sometime in 2038, Jered witnessed the murder of Hunter Bell by Nicolette Riordon. He helped hide evidence of the murder; his motivation is unknown, but given Bell's character the eagerness of everyone involved to move on, Jered's reaction is not that surprising. He was murdered by Riordon using oxygen poisoning, who attempted to pin the murder on Datak Tarr. In the aftermath of the murder, Riordon was murdered by Meh Yewll, who successfully disguised her murder as a suicide.

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