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Kindzi, played by Nichole Galicia, is the daughter of T'evgin and thus the alpha female of the Omec race. Translation: She's all kinds of fierce and scary as hell.[1]

Season 3[]

Kindzi arrives in Defiance along with her father, T’evgin, in search of Gulanite to power their ship.

As they explore the gulinite mines, Kindzi and T’evgin find Nolan and Irisa in the sleeper pods where they were trapped at the end of season two. They free them and drop them in the snow outside Defiance.

The mines were closed after collapsing in season 2, but T’evgin and Kindzi help open them back up to the town and provide technology that increases the amount of gulanite the town can mine. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship as both the town and the Omec need the gulinite.

Kindzi takes a special interest in Joshua Nolan, who saved her after Amanda Rosewater shot her. The Omec consider both humans and votans beneath them, so she wants to keep Nolan as her pet. She also forms an intense rivalry with Stahma Tarr who she distrusts after her father takes a romantic interest in her. She also has some sexual interest in Stahma, but does not show any of the fondness for Stahma that she shows for Nolan. It is purely about power and control. She wants to devour Stahma once T'evgin tires of her, and that's not a euphemism.

Kindzi wants Stahma gone, so she tells Stahma all of the Omec secrets in hopes that it will force T’evgin to kill her to ensure their secrets don’t get out. She shows Stahma that there are thousands of Omec on their ship, and informs her that they “will conquer the Earth and enslave you all, do with you what we wish, feed upon your delicate flesh on a glorious Dread Harvest.” Stahma realizes that Kindzi must be stopped, and informs T’evgin that his daughter will never accept peace with the people of Earth. This forces T’evgin to take action, but it’s not the action Kindzi hoped for. He puts her into a sleep state with the rest of the Omec on the ship.

Kindzi, who has placed a control stem in Doc Yewll’s neck, uses her control over Yewll to escape. She kills her father and takes his place as leader of the Omec. Kindzi then convinces the other Omec that they need to kill everyone on Earth by lying to them about how T'evgin died. She then begins instructing them to capture people of Earth and lock them in cages until they will be devoured.

She breaks into the McCawley house and threatens to kill baby Luke Tarr. Stahma offers herself to Kindzi in exchange for Luke. "Spare this child and I shall love you as my Enchanter. I will obey your commands, I will serve you, pleasure you. And when my usefulness to you has ended, my body will provide nourishment." Kindzi replies, "Your offer is a good one, but I will still kill the child." Fortunately for Luke, Datak manages to stab Kindzi with his mechanical arm, and the Tarrs escape.

Kindzi was only delayed by Datak's attack, but her plan to conquer Defiance is foiled when Nolan, Irisa, Yewll, and Datak take the ship, and Nolan kills her. Irisa and Datak escape the ship, but Nolan and Yewll remain on the ship as it is flung into a black hole. The fate of the rest of the Omec is unknown as the series was cancelled after season 3.


Kindzi: Remember this, Indogene, I am a skilled techno-biologist. You try anything tricky when you're connected to my system, I will see it, and I will kill you quickly.
Doc: Now, see, I was gonna kill you slowly. I like a little bit of foreplay. History Rhymes

We created life. Doesn't that make us gods? Ostinato In White

I have chosen this human as my hiakim, my pet. Of a Demon In My View

I will not rise to bait proffered by a funny caged animal. The Awakening