The Lawkeeper of Defiance is like the town sheriff. The badge he wears is a variation on the star shape. It is the Lawkeepers'  responsibllity to: maintain peace, provide security at events, investigate crimes, hold criminals for transport to other facilities, confiscate the weapons of those passing through, and protect the citizen of Defiance, from both foreign and domestic disputes. There is only one active Lawkeeper at any given time, the rest are considered Deputies and serve under the Lawkeeper and the mayor. The Lawkeeper is appointed by the mayor or acting mayor. Deputies are hired by the Lawkeeper, such as when Lawkeeper Nolan offered the job to his old army buddy Eddie Braddock[1].

Lawkeepers work out of an office near the middle of town. It’s a busy job, which is why Lawkeeper Garret Clancy had a shipping container placed on top of the building which he converted into an apartment.  The first floor of the building contains the office and jail. The second floor is accessible by outside stairs leading to the Lawkeeper's apartment and upper deck. Petty criminals and drunks are thrown into the Lawkeeper’s single jail cell. Serious criminals who are perhaps a flight risk are held until they can be sent to Vegas Prison by land coach. Hardened criminals whose sentences are longer than a day or two are sent off to Camp Reverie, a work camp about a half-day’s journey into The Badlands east of town. [2]

Known Lawkeepers[edit | edit source]

Garret Clancy, accidentally killed in gunfight.

Joshua Nolan, "officially" fired.


Known Deputies[edit | edit source]

Tommy Lasalle hired by Clancy.

Irisa hired by Nolan, status: unknown.

Several unnamed deputies have appeared. One male and one female deputy were with Clancy when he saved Nolan and Irisa from Saberwolves.[3]  A deputy guarding Ben Daris was tasered by Mr. Birch.[4]

References:[edit | edit source]

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