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Lev was Doc Yewll's wife who died before the series began.


The Votans were placed in hypersleep for their 5000 year journey to Earth while sentient computers called "Arkbrains" watched over them. As a safeguard, a select few Indogene were woken up periodically to carry out maintenance and verify everything was running smoothly. Lev met her wife, Meh Yewll while serving on one of these shifts.

Yewll and Lev worked together on Biodyne Project, a Votan initiative designed to wipe out humanity through biological means. They helped create the painful and debilitating disease, Wulokot Fibrosis which was used to attack humans during the Pale Wars. The Biodyne Project was one of the most infamous - and successful - biological weapons born of the Pale Wars. Thousands of human men, women and children became sick with Wulokot Fibrosis. Lev couldn't bear to live with herself for her role in creating the disease and killed herself.

Season 2[]

After Doc Yewll has an EGO device implanted in her, she begins hallucinating Lev, imaging her in Defiance and working through her guilt over her participation in The Biodyne Project.