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The Liberata evolved on the planet of Irath. They are related to the Sensoth and Irath, and they breathe Nitrogen, instead of oxygen, however the chemical feasibility of this is not explained. It may be a case of Nitrogen fixation, however it seems unlikely that Oxygen is not necessary for cellular respiration. The short stature of the Liberata is believed to be an adaptation to millions of years of primitive farming in a Malthusian environment. Their ugly appearance is reflective of the oppression of women and the lower classes, which led to lack of selective pressure for good looks and the accumulation of deleterious mutations.

The Liberata were once a warmongering people, however they were subjegated by the Castithans. They once held a seat of economic power that dwindled centuries before the Votan exodus to Earth. Their avarice was unbridled – business and profit were part of their nature and gave meaning to their lives. Ultimately, this greed led to the collapse of their society. Reasons for the collapse include oppressive class divisions, environmental destruction, and inbreeding. Liberata families have spent years trying to make amends for the sins of their past... a past which has never truly been forgotten (if their general sarcasm is any indication). They’re a great hire for any employer, since they work remarkably hard no matter how menial the task. They take enormous pride in their work, sometimes to the point of overt arrogance. Many were in the service of wealthy Casti Families.

Because they were not politically powerful, comparatively few of them were let onto the Arks.

Overview [1][]


Liberata are short and stocky, famous for their gruff tempers and pettiness. They are looked down on by the other Votan races, and usually fulfill the roles of servants or other menial laborers. Liberata are small, with broad shoulders, thick necks, and wild tufts of hair. Compared to humans, castithans and irathients, liberata exhibit a low degree of sexual dimorphism, to the point where humans have some trouble telling males and females apart.


Liberata have a polytheistic belief system grounded in the here and now of life. Many of their religious rituals and practices have been lost due to few of them being on the arks and they now borrow a lot from the Sensoth and the Irathients.