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Light of the Fallen

Light of the Fallen lamp at the Headlands Transit Depo

The Light of the Fallen are small lamps resembling Chinese Lanterns. They were added as part of the episodic content update after Episode 1 of Defiance on SyFy.

They're scattered across the map and can be 'activated' to complete several pursuits.


These signify the celebrations of Armistice Day, which commemorates the treaty between the Votanis and Human races which was formed on April 15, 2031.


The two Pursuits that currently relate to the Light of the Fallen lamps are Peacekeeper and Shadows over Defiance, which are both found in Pursits > Episodes > Episode 1: Armistice.

For completing each of the pursuits you receive 5 EGO Rating and a Title.


Below is an incomplete list of the locations of the lamps across San Francisco.

  • Headlands Transit Depot: 4 (2 at the entrance and 2 inside the depot)
  • Headlands View: 2
  • The Crater: 3 (2 at the entrance and one at the trailer houses at the back)
  • Crystal Lake: 1
  • Bug n' Chug: 1
  • Iron Demon Ranch: 2
  • Graveyards: 1
  • Overpass: 2
  • Iron Demon Ranch: (Unknown)