Luke Tarr
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Species Castithan/Human hybrid
Gender Male
Relationships Alak Tarr Father
Christie Tarr Mother, deceased
Datak Tarr Paternal Grandfather
Stahma Tarr Paternal Grandmother
Rafe McCawley Maternal Grandfather, deceased
Pilar McCawley Maternal Grandmother, deceased
Luke McCawley Maternal Uncle, deceased
Quentin McCawley Maternal Uncle, deceased
Health Well
Actor Unknown

Luke Tarr is the newborn son of Castithan, Alak Tarr and his Human wife, Christie Tarr. He was named after ha maternal uncle Luke. he is the first 'hybrid' in the town of Defiance. He will never know his mother as she was killed when he was a few months old.


  • Alak Tarr (Father)
  • Christie McCawley (Mother)
  • Datak Tarr (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Stahma Tarr (Paternal Grandmother)
  • Rafe McCawley (Maternal Grandfather)
  • Pilar McCawley (Maternal Grandmother)
  • Luke McCawley (Maternal Uncle)
  • Quentin McCawley (Maternal Uncle)
  • Alak Tarr & Christie McCawley (Parents)
  • The Tarr Family (L-R: Father, Grandmother & Grandfather)
  • The McCawley Family (L-R: Grandfather, Mother & Uncle)
  • Lucas & Stahma Tarr (Paternal Grandmother)
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