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Luke Tarr is the newborn son of Castithan, Alak Tarr and his Human wife, Christie Tarr. He was named after his maternal uncle Luke. He is the first 'hybrid' in the town of Defiance. He will never know his mother as she was killed when he was a few months old.


Luke was born between 2047 and 2048, somewhere outside Defiance.

Season 3[]

After his mother is Luke is kidnapped by his grandmother, Pilar McCawley, but he is rescued by Joshua and Irisa Nolan and returned to his paternal grandparents, Datak and Stahma Tarr.

Soon after Luke is returned to Datak and Stahma, his father, Alak Tarr, returns to Defiance and takes Luke to live with him in Luke’s mother’s childhood home. While living in the house, Stahma’s handmaiden, Andina, visits weekly to help Alak look after Luke.

Luke is nearly eaten by Kindzi, but is saved by his grandfather, Datak.

Irisa Nolan grows fond of Luke during season 3 and often plays with him.


  • Because Luke is played by babies who cannot wear contact lenses, his eyes are a digital effect